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From here you can visit the pages that tell you about the symbols and artwork that are related to the story of the Two Roads.

The Two Roads symbol

The Akaija

The painting Rose

Plus, here below are other paintings of The Two Roads Trilogy: –

The Dawn – by Valerie Whitworth

The Dawn by Valerie Whitworth

The Dawn

The above painting is titled THE DAWN. The artist is Valerie Whitworth. You can go to her website here, and see her other wonderful works. This painting, The Dawn, was painted in 2007, before I began writing my first book. I was talking about a scene depicting a sun set…. but Valerie intuited that it was actually to be a dawn, since my life at that time was taking on many new beginnings. And so, when I was completing the writing of book 1 in early 2009 I asked my guide Black Elk “what do I put on the cover?” and no medals for guessing what the answer was lol. He has always been 10 steps ahead of me lol.

Rose – by Bernie Cargill

Below you will see the painting that graces the cover of book 2, The Four Ascents. The artist is Bernie Cargill, and the painting is titled ROSE. I had spent many hours with Bernie on her unique healing and growth, and it was she who decided she wished to exchange a painting for energy given. In the moment she suggested it, both of us knew it had to be a painting of Rose. Spirit once again was a step ahead…

Rose by Bernie Cargill


Sweetgrass Journey by Michele B Roth

Then of course there was book 3, The Childhood Diaries. By this time I had come to expect a third painting lol. I began to step too far ahead of myself and I was thinking ‘who will be the artist?’ I chose an artist friend of mine who said yes she will paint a lovely picture for me… of Rose as a child. But no!! OH NO!!! that was not the plan. The painting of Rose as a child never came to be…and no surprise, because a friend from New Jersey suddenly produced another painting….albeit the child Rose is in the painting. Spirit had been conspiring and inspiring all along….I should have known….and the third painting was just in time as I had completed writing book 3. It is titled SWEETGRASS JOURNEY and is painted by Michele B Roth.


Sweetgrass Journey

Sweetgrass Journey by Michele B Roth


GRANNY DOYLE’S COTTAGE  by Barbara Connolly

This painting came about when Barbara felt inspired to paint the famous cottage from the stories of Rose.  She had no way of knowing I was planning a picture of Granny Doyle’s cottage for the cover of book 4.

Granny Doyle’s Cottage