Activating the genesis of 5th dimensional consciousness

The seeds of 5th dimensional living had been planted in 144,000 souls around the world, and today thousands more souls are ascending and thousands more awakening to their own soul’s journey, and this momentum of awakening and ascension is escalating weekly.  Our ancestral dna has been released from imprisonment where it was manifested over and over throughout our family souls. Now is the time for awakened souls to multiply and co create with Beloved Source, a wave of new human souls with 10 strands of active dna. These new human souls are gestating now within the wombs of conscious women all over the world. Soon they will begin to populate the physicality, in waves of first 12, then 12 times 12, then 12 times 12 times 12, and so it goes.

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The GREAT DIVINE SPIRITUAL MASTERS – BOTH MASCULINE AND FEMININE COUNTERPARTS have prepared the way for the light of the cosmic conscious soul to be physically alive and active on Earth.

These are exciting times, dear hearts. I received this shamanic work from the Master WHITE BUFFALO CALF PIPE WOMAN. She has shown to me the new human souls gestating in the wombs of conscious women worldwide, and She has declared to me that these new human souls will eventually completely populate the Earth.

Within the sacral of every soul, lies the ability to generate our new world, our new humanity, the manifestation of our re-activated dna. These spiritual wombs must be ready to live in 5th dimensional thought, to embark on our new lessons of mastery consciousness.  hence the clearing of the old ancestral lineage, and the bringing in of conscious awareness of the 12 strands of dna.

There is no room for ego desire, said White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, all lower desire will be turned to dust.

This work is:


I, Eliza White Buffalo,  bring the message of Black Elk, Lakota Holy Man. Black Elk’s message is THE TWO ROADS… a message of the ages old story of crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. Aged only 9 years old Black Elk was shown a prophecy of this exciting time, and set forth to bring that prophecy into the world through the awareness of a great global nation of souls steeped in the great races of the world, with Master White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and Master Yeshua Ben Josef in balance in their hearts.

As Black Elk says – They may not be of the red race, but they are red in their hearts

You will be doing this work yourself where you live. Know that I am holding the red ray of re-generation in my energy field, and that by coming into the seat of your soul, you too are holding the red ray of re-generation in order to emit the mastery frequency on a physical level. This work is bigger than any of us can contemplate right now, but we must begin the only way we know for now. Soon, new waves of this work will come, and so it will develop as we develop.

When you have activated the seat of the soul with the roots of re-generation, you are ready to RESET – to re-calibrate your glandular system and ignite regeneration into your nervous system.


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