The Two Roads Symbol

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This is The Two Roads Symbol.  The symbol bears resemblance to the ancient Coptic Cross of early Christianity.  It also bears resemblance to the medicine wheel of the Native American Lakota Indian way.  I first began to see the symbol psychically in 2005.  Black Elk showed it to me; in those days it looked to me to be white, a cross in circle with a red stone in the center.  Today, this is the manifestation of what I ‘saw’.  The symbol, the medicine wheel too, shows great cosmic truth of oneness.  I would like to share the meaning of the symbol and the story of it within the story of the two roads trilogy.

In The Two Roads Trilogy Black Elk talks about The Red Stone of Power. The Red Stone of Power was given to Rose, heroine of the two roads story, by a Golden Being who turns out to be The Eminence of the Father, the Original Soul always in the presence of God. Rose was told that the Red Stone of Power would sit in her heart space; she would climb four ascents into Heaven, and when The Red Stone of Power would sing a prophecy would be released. That prophecy was Black Elk’s vision of peace and harmony within one true hoop of all creation.

The Two Roads Symbol shows the path of the soul as I see it as follows…

Picture a medicine circle with four directions – North, East, South and West.  Picture two roads  – one going from South to North, and one going from East to West. Now picture the center of the circle where the two roads meet.  This is the Holy Center…the Sacred Heart…this is The Red Stone of Power. The center is holy because it is whole…here we know union with the Great and Holy Spirit.  Here we ARE of God, of the ONE. I like to call this the Christ Consciousness. It is the Creation of God, God’s Child.

If you picture the medicine circle again…and see that the Father is represented in the North, and looking to His reflection in the South, the Mother…you will see that in the center is the essential offspring of the two – the Child, the Creation, the Christ.  So the Red Stone of Power is essentially the Christ, the Holy Child of God who is one with its Sacred Parents.

We can see this clearly if you imagine yourself in the center of the medicine wheel.  No matter which direction you look…you have a 360% perspective.  You know yourself to be God’s Child and you have full understanding of all four aspects of your Self.  You can ‘see’ who you are.  You see you are Mind in the North, and you are Spirit in the East; you are Emotion in the South and you are Body in the West.

There are three other directions – above, below, and within. Above is the Sacred Father, Father Sky, and below is the Sacred Mother, Mother Earth.  Within is the Sacred Heart, The Red Stone of Power, where the Sacred Parents meet – Spirit and Matter. So within is the only place you can receive and give their essence, Light and Love.

Having gone into the center and lifted your mind, spirit, emotions and body up four ascents of awareness of Truth, you are then in a state of communication with your Original Soul…or your Monad, or your Star Origins. You begin to receive information from your Original Soul and you feel a magnetic pull upwards towards Oneness with your Soul. This is the activation of the heart…the twin flames are lit. They are the flames of the Father and the Mother aspects of your Spirit. The Red Stone of Power is activated and in receiving mode.

So imagine this…if you were to rise up another four ascents from that point, where would you be then?

What happens when the Red Stone of Power, or the Sacred Heart is activated is the pull of the Original Soul gets stronger as more and more light fills the heart, lifting mind, spirit, emotions and body even further. Essentially, you are coming closer to the presence of God/Source, wherein your original soul lies.

This has been called ‘the second death’ and means the dying onto the ego self.  When a person’s body dies on earth, the person passes into the world of Spirit where he or she eventually discovers the pull of the original soul.  The individual soul begins to rise and comes to a second death. When the soul passes through the doorway of the second death it is then in the realms of NO BODY…The soul feels the oneness of all souls and that bliss takes them higher until they return to the presence of God. This whole process is called the ascension.

2012 marked a time of global ascension in which we are moving into the new world brought about by the Oneness, the duality of our Divine Masculine Energy and our Sacred Feminine Energy being in balance on Earth…Heaven on Earth.  Though we cannot live without our body, it is our ego that appears to die at this time of transition…and is resurrected again to be one with the divine mind.  Many of us have made this ascension in our awareness…I have made this ascension in my awareness…and many of us are being held in Love whilst we follow this path.  It is my mission now to assist others on the ascension process, as I too become the ascended soul on Earth, and not just in awareness.  The Two Roads Symbol is around my neck at all times.  It is a constant reminder and indeed an energetic template of ascended BEINGness that allows my energy field to naturally align with the TWIN FLAME STATE of LIGHT EMBODIED.


How did this come about?  Oh I just hug myself with joy when I think back to how it all began…  it was way before I wrote book 1 The Two Roads.  In 2005 Black Elk asked me “Where is the Red Stone of Power?”  He meant my divine heart, my holy centre, my Christ Consciousness if you like.  Then he proceeded to show me a symbol – a cross made out of divine white light with a circle around it.  He showed me people wearing this symbol on their breasts. Did he mean so many people coming into their divine consciousness?  Or did he mean people physically wearing this symbol?  I believe both suggestions are correct.  One thing about my guidance is this…I am never told anything more than what I need to know…when I need to know it.  And so the time went on and I wrote The Two Roads which was channelled largely from Black Elk of courseAnd in that story he introduced The Red Stone of Power…the experience itself was real and had occurred some months before.  I won’t get into it because it would spoil the book for anyone now wanting to read it you understand.

So at that time I was totally unaware that Wim Roskam, a dutch artist, had been guided to produce a sculpture – a 3D symbol of cosmic oneness – a beautiful wall hanging which Wim aptly named ‘Faith’.  This is Faith here in the picture below…


I didn’t even know Wim at that time!  Faith was produced in 2005, around the same time Black Elk began to talk to me about The Red Stone of Power. When I eventually did meet Wim and his partner Marianne, Black Elk wasted no time in prompting me to tell them about the symbol he was showing to me. So I told about The Red Stone of Power and The Two Roads Symbol.  Being me I chatted on and on for quite a bit ha ha ha and all the time Wim and Marianne were wearing big smiles on their faces, the reason for which was soon to be revealed to me.  Wim set up his lap top and proceeded to show me the digital files showing Faith in great detail.  And this was the product of Wim obediently following his spiritual guidance to start working on a sculpture…like all of Wim’s incredible works ( the Akaija is a healing tool) it came out of the void pure with no questioning on whether he was doing it right or not.  I truly admire that quality!  Faith had been produced, and has hung in a friend’s home from then til now… Wim never understood why he had to produce it…only that it was right. And suddenly, it was clear…it was to lead the way for The Two Roads Symbol.

First the painting ‘Rose beyond the ice and the fire’ and now this…what else was going on?  It was clear from the energy between us that some kind of a merging was taking place at least….the Akaija project and The Two Roads project?  “Let us just feel it for now” I suggested to Wim and Marianne, “leave the details up to Spirit…They won’t let us miss them.”  My friends agreed wholeheartedly…

So when they arrived home Wim got to work – The Two Roads Symbol came through effortlessly, made from solid gold…an ancient coin melted and re-formed.  In the centre is a ruby to represent The Red Stone of Power.  The symbol can be made of any metal of course…silver is particularly nice  – we tried it…it looks lovely.  it is also available in gold, and the gem in the centre can be garnet ruby, rose quartz even.  It is a symbol of cosmic oneness, divine unity, the Sacred Heart… the rose frequency of the three fold flame of love power and wisdom.

Wearing the symbol is about increasing one’s faith in one’s divine blueprint, in one’s divine original and authentic self.  It acts as a ground for one’s rose frequency emanating from the white fire core of the sacred heart.  For this reason, it is used in the activation of the rose frequency emananations – Your Crystalline Heart   To read more about this go to this page


AND NOW THERE IS A NEW PURPLE ROSE VERSION with a very soft amethyst in the centre

Below is a message from BLESSED BLACK ELK, initiate of the flame of faith, mercy and forgiveness. 

Dear Hearts, the one heart of the divine god energy within each of you reaches out to encompass all experience with the rose light.  Compassion and kindness nurture every last, minute particle of the universe.  There is not a knowing in your conscious mind of this intensity of love, but in your conscious heart, burning with the white fire of god energy, there is all knowing of love. And love is your home, dear hearts. Love is your beginning and your eternal life through holy death.  Therefore, deep within the white fire in the core of your sacred heart, all energy shall be transformed through death.  The blind will see, the lame will walk, and those of humble possessions shall gain the riches of heaven.

Know yourself through the rose light, and you will know one true mother and one true father in your red stone of power; thus, shall you be re-born as a student of mastery. Your long sleep is almost over.  For some of you, the immortal life awaits. For others, you will be prepared through absolute service in one final incarnation.

Your Brother in Light, Black Elk


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