Rose – beyond the ice and the fire

Wim Roskam IS Akaija & Art .com. Wim is a psychic artist, intuitive and healer. He lives with his partner Marianne, in Holland. Marianne is a healer too and as well as her own work she also is committed to Wim’s mission Akaija. Rose Beyond the Ice and the Fire, just like Two Roads Symbol, was produced through Wim. This beautiful painting was proved to be a healing for me at a time when Black Elk was saying “All doors are now open to you”.

The Story

On the 28th of August this year, 2011, I made my solar return and clocked up 46 years. It was an amazing birthday for me, made special by beautiful people in my life, and also by so many wonderfully loving messages on Facebook, my inbox, and never forgetting, The Spirit World.

I was enjoying the company of Wim and Marianne from The Netherlands; they had come to visit me, having read my first book The Two Roads and falling in love with the main character, Rose. Rose, of course, is a character based on yours truly; her story is based on my story, though somewhat fictionalized. In fact, the depths of despair and heights of joy that Rose experienced are equalled by my own experiences. Don’t we all have our heaven and hell within us?

Wim is an artist, and an excellent one at that…in fact, in fact I am now aware that certain great artists paint through his consciousness. So you can believe me…here is the painting named above…Rose beyond the ice and the fire.

Isn’t it beautiful? Well, Wim presented this to me as a gift for my birthday. It was wrapped in gold paper…obviously a picture or an outsize food tray – I pulled the paper off the top and got a glimpse of the colours first. What beautiful colours! Nothing prepared me for seeing the painting for the first time. It was so soft, so flowing, so beautiful…my heart chakra opened wide at the sight of such beauty. I believe I must have stood staring at the painting for at least 30 minutes…Wim might say it was shorter…you know how time slows down when Spirit floods your being? My heart space was aching, balancing with the energy coming in…if Wim saw what was happening he would likely describe an outpouring of a rainbow from my chest. For that is what it felt like. Once my heart had harmonized, my throat chakra began to speak, affirming that the painting was indeed meant for me and was indeed a painting of my divine presence in the world. The painting was changing…the colours moved and flowed…my throat expressed the many changes that were taking place. Then my brow chakra opened wide, and as a burst of white light filled my head space, my crown began to ache too, then burst open to lift all up to the incredible light, harmonizing with the vibration of divinity…with what I believe to be the vibration of this painting. It was a journey, to be sure, and it wasn’t over; I was very high as you can imagine – I seemed to have soared upwards. I was thankful that I hadn’t floated outside my body – it is what I would have done a few years ago, but now I am grounded. Instead, my solar plexus began to stir, then my sacral and root chakras; I felt that incredible light surging through my lower body, diving deep into the earth, and flowing up through me again with immense intensity. Phew, I had to sit down – I had experienced what I call a bodily earthquake; the first one of this intensity being in Sedona,Arizona, on my first morning there, springtime 2011.

Rose beyond the ice and the fire…A birthday gift – a gift of love, of light, of Oneness. It was all there in the painting – the fire and the ice with the darkness beneath…and what beauty in that darkness! The light is found in all things…even in the absolute darkness hope is found. It is the glimmer of the divine. When this glimmer is allowed to grow, it disperses all illusions of the depths until what is revealed is light itself. The light in this painting had been revealed far beyond the ice and the fire. The Rose no longer needs her thorns for all shines with divine light…I only ask that I may always turn my face towards it.

Wim and Marianne were struck by the correlation between this painting and the lyrics of the song, Dante’s Prayer, sung by Loreena McKennitt. I have to agree…the words are perfect.

Then the mountain rose before me

By the deep well of desire

From the fountain of forgiveness

Beyond the ice and the fire

Cast your eyes on the ocean

Cast your soul to the sea

When the dark night seems endless

Please remember me

I am grateful for Wim, and for Marianne who first recognized Rose within the painting.

I am grateful also for Linda, Wim’s first love, who made her transition into the spirit world in 2001 after a journey through the most extreme pain, but also incredible soul healing. I believe Linda brought all of this together, for she and I share soul energy. She recognizes my story just as I recognize hers. To learn more about Linda and Wim, you can go to or read about them here soon, when I have shared with you all the story of the Akaija, meaning WE. The Akaija was also inspired by Linda. It is a healing tool that is worn around the neck, and I believe it connects our energy system to the cosmic field.

I am infinitely grateful to The Great and Holy Spirit of Divine Oneness.