When we share orgasmic space with another the sexual energy flow creates a merging of the two energy fields. Intention is important yes, so your intention towards the other will greatly affect them when they open their energy field to you. However, good intentions are not enough to prevent a confusion of what is yours and what it theirs. Your hidden negative thinking and ancestral baggage also merges with the other’s field and theirs with your field too. Healing the Family Soul clears a soul from all ancestral baggage dna, and also clears a soul from sexual merging. This dispensation is given to us now through Eliza and from the spirit of Padre Pio. In addition, and very potently, Eliza has been making spiritual contact with the spirit of a Tohunga Matau, a Maori Magician Shaman. He comes with the power of 3, 6, 9 and his first task with Eliza is this: to clear the sexual energetic fields of those rising now into a higher paradigm of Earth.

“The cosmos is pure magic” he says, “the body is ready, let the fire burn through until all is like dust on the wind, and the dust of the stars shall kiss gently upon your soul.”

This includes not only your chosen sexual partners of the past, but also any sexual conduct welcomed or unwelcomed by you. Even if someone masturbates in fantasy with you, this can cause your auric field to merge with theirs, especially if you are unaware of it. when you consider this it brings home to you the size of the issue we speak of. It is my view that all sexual thoughts should be within the sanctity of consent. Sadly that is not always the case. However, we are can and do clear ourselves of all sexual entanglement, and in doing so release others from the chains they acquired in acting thus.

What does this event entail?

A cleansing of the body through ritual, and a cleansing of the auric field through incantation.

ACTIVATED  DISTANTLY so you do it in your own home

15 minutes a day for 9 days, at any time that suits you.

“I just did it now and cannot believe the immediate sense of relief, toxins leaving me physically and spiritually…I felt it so profoundly and look forward to the next 8 days… Aisling”