Reviews for individual products and services may be found attached to each one. Go to home page, hover over a heading to see drop menu, then hover over a product or service to see reviews page. The following are testimonials to Eliza White Buffalo.

“When in your presence I always feel JOY and SERENITY and an overwhelming feeling of been home. You are an amazing spiritual shaman, shamanic teacher and have added clarity to my own knowing and taught me so much. It is a great HONOUR to know you on many levels….Celine”

“I just listened to your podcast with radio FM in Australia and I wanted to say you are absolutely AWESOME!!!! I am so excited to see you branching out into Australia (my home country)!!!!!! I have been raving about you to so many people when they ask about my recent transformation!!!! I am currently reading your book The Two Roads and OMG!!!! I started last night and couldn’t put it down! Spirit has def brought it to me as needed on my journey! Roses story hits home so much and she is so inspiring!!!! I could go on and on about how awesome you are, but you already know that! Such an inspiration and role model!!! I can’t wait until I save enough to start training with you!!!

“I am reading the two roads book currently and OMFG!!!!! I don’t even have words to describe how much I recommend this book! I have personally done rituals of Eliza’s and to say it has transformed my life is an understatement!!!! Seriously, check her out! You won’t regret it!” Amy McMillan

“I for one am so grateful to have found and connected with you Eliza, as you are genuine, authentic, so honest, powerful yet humble in all you do, and I am very grateful for your continuing help forward on my Journey.  You are a Blessing in the lives of the people You help, You truly are …. “ Trish McMahon,  Limerick, Ireland.

Thank you Eliza.   I feel in the flow, and a huge part of where I am is because of all the activations I have experienced with you, as well as the beautiful 1-1 session which I continue to hold so fondly in my heart. The love and dedication that you and Black Elk and all your guides have radiated over these past times has been a massive light in my life.  Thank you.  Sarah

Thank you so much for your insights and Black Elk’s wisdom, you truly are a life line in these strange unprecedented times. My love and gratitude always.  Angela

You should be very proud of yourself Eliza, for all the good work  you do in helping people in their time of need. You are a great teacher in what you do for people, and a very special lady, kind, caring , and generous, and you do everything from your heart…Julie

A connection that completely changed my life!!  Kerry

Eliza is the gift that keeps on giving, Trish