A fascinating Story

This story of how Akaija, Wim and Marianne came into my life is fascinating… And I do not wish to tell you too much because you can read the story in my third book The Childhood Diaries, so I do not wish to spoil it for you, but I do wish to make you smile as I have smiled so many times because of this…

Okay : In February 2011 Wim Roskam from The Netherlands had a ‘feeling’ to connect with me on Facebook. He put this feeling down to being a message from his ‘friends’ in Spirit, in particular his deceased partner, Linda. Linda had often sent messages and guidance to Wim via mediums and via his own intuition. Wim’s medium was his art, and so Linda often impressed upon him a feeling for a piece of art.

Anyway I connected with Wim and soon received a email from him showing an english translation of a chapter from his book Kiezen Voor Vrije Keuze which translates as Opting for Freedom of Choice or Choosing free will. By the way, the book is available in English as an e-book. The chapter I read was titled The Fifth Day. I still get shivers when I recall what that means to me. But this is the part I do not wish to tell here because it would be a spoiler. So let’s skip to this –

Linda is part of my original parent soul – we share soul energy – her soul experiences were available to me as a time traveller and my soul experiences were available to her as she was in Spirit looking down with a wide perspective.

Now Linda wanted to support me in my mission, and of course she wanted to support Wim in his mission…so she arranged our meeting and guided our actions. Here is a part that is still amazing to me –

Black Elk asked me in August 2011 to tell Wim about The Two Roads Symbol I was ‘seeing’ in its spirit form. Can you imagine my surprise when it came to light that Wim had been inspired to produce the symbol seven years previously? Isn’t it amazing how Spirit works!

I know I am being frugal with the information here lol – I really do not want to spoil the story because of book 3 The Childhood Diaries.

But listen to this: Wim and I now understand how the two symbols, The Akaija and The Two Roads Symbol are linked to each other in Spiritual Truth. I will do my best here to describe what is likely best done with moving graphics… and I am no computer expert lol.

If you take the Akaija and make it into a two dimensional shape what you will see is The Two Roads Symbol, without the extra third dimension of course. And if you take The Two Roads Symbol and bring it into multi dimensional being what you end up with is the Akaija… What Black Elk has said is this – “The Akaija is about healing…The Two Roads Symbol is about Faith.”

Can you see that the Akaija heals the body and The Two Roads Symbol heals the mind?… This was what Wim suggested and I had to agree with him. And now I feel there is no way to separate the two – like separating the mind from the body…the mind came through the body and the body through the mind… The Akaika and The Two Roads Symbol can support us in bringing to our life the highest form of the body and mind, through the One Great and Holy Spiritual Truth.