Avalyn and Andru ~ portal transmissions


Avalyn and Andru are the twin flames of a large group energy from Lemuria, who now work from a temple in the etheric layer over the Himalayan Mountain Range.

They are working with Eliza White Buffalo, an original member of this group. Avalyn and Andru, Mer People, have guided Eliza to hold space for the group, in which they will transmit the 81 energies – celestial energies – to all those willing to receive them for assistance in aligning with the cosmic frequency of nine times nine. They will transmit a series of activations of nine times nine frequency from the divine rose light.

MORE DETAILS BELOW – but first, beginning with the transmission for 22 – 02 – 2021

Then following on with the latest portal information of 22 – 02 – 2022 ( see below)

I, Eliza White Buffalo, have been working in the realms of healing ever since I had a near-death experience Feb 8th 2002. It was two weeks later, whilst still in a 3-month hospital stay, that I was contacted by a spiritual force I did not understand at that time. Having firstly connected with this during the near-death experience, on the 22nd of February 2002 = 22 02-2002 the same force came again, and gave me the feeling that I was to begin working to heal my life and the lives of all ‘like me’. It was not until almost two years later, that I spoke to this force again – and it was the spirit of whom I knew to have been St Paul. This was to be confirmed a short time later, when an international medium asked me, “Who was Paul that met you when you almost died?”

The years went by, and I began to learn the sacred art of healing – to heal myself and to help others like me, meaning all things because all things are one. I learned that the spirit of St Paul was not alone. Over years of being guided by my twin flame, Black Elk ( Lakota Holy Man ) I gradually became aware that the spirit of St Paul who had met me in the spirit world, was only one member, the spokes person so to speak, of a group of 81 energies/souls, simply named Avalyn and Andru. Avalyn and Andru are the twin flames of a large group energy from Lemuria, who now work from a temple in the etheric layer over the Himalayan Mountain Range. The temple is presided over by Lord Maitreya who holds the office of Cosmic Christ.

On 22-02-2020 we passed through an etheric gateway into yet another level of our spiritual life. In my story, 22-02-2002 brought me into awareness of Avalyn and Andru, and 22 – 02 – 2020 carrying the same frequency as 18 years ago, brought me into communion with Avalyn and Andru, the group of 81 souls.

Then we reached the portal of 22 – 02 – 2021 which is a MASTERY 11, and equated to the message that – WE WERE TO MANIFEST OUR SOULS IN UNIVERSAL ONENESS.


8 – 2 – 22

This leading up to 22 – 02 – 2022

The upcoming shift of 22nd Feb’22 has already begun, and by tomorrow the portal will begin to open for the next exodus into the new earth consciousness. Many people are reporting ill health as stress levels increase so much the body is sick. The ego mind subconsciously anticipates the opening of the portal, and it strays off centre, sometimes experiencing a spin cycle of loosened tensions. It will ease AFTER THE OPENING OF THE PORTAL, I am told by my spirit guide and twin flame, Blessed Black Elk.

We must keep truth in our focus – ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER
Relax as much as we can – stay focused on the truth – and ALL IS WELL.

Avalyn and Andru have guided me to hold space for the group, through which they will transmit the 81 energies – celestial energies – to all those willing to receive them. These energies are of the divine white light brotherhood, and also presided over by Lord Maitreya, cosmic Christ/master. You will receive the transmission according to the highest frequency your soul is capable of realizing right now. The transmission is available here. Once you have received the transmission, and four days later, please receive their grounding transmission here.

Receiving the frequency of Avalyn and Andru’s 81 energies, will assist you in returning to a spiritual life

81 being 9 times 9 = bodily merging with the 9th spiritual plane. Your duality is existing in nine planes of Spirit, you can also say your duality exists from the root chakra to the higher mental plane – the 9th. The frequency of the number 9 is a frequency of completion, wholeness, divinity. This transmission from Avalyn and Andru will bring the 9 frequency to your first 9 chakras – bringing all chakras into the seat of the soul, hence 9 times 9 which is 81 – in other words, it can be said that this transmission will bring completion to your duality consciousness. As you have 9 planets in your solar system, they are a reflection of the 9 chakras of your duality consciousness. Therefore, with this transmission you can see how your energy field can be aligned with divine cosmic frequency.

The frequency of the number 2 brings Heaven to Earth – it merges spirit and body. No better time to begin completion of this incredible earth experience, and the arrival of our brand new duality existence. And I look forward to next year – 22 – 02 – 2022 six 2’s = magic


In the beginning Creator God Amma who is analgous to Kumari, conceived of herself, and created the stars.   The light, the spark, of creation flowed forth as water, and nummo people were created  -half god half serpent.  Nummo were the water essence of life, and in Kumari Kandam, also known as Lemuria, Avalyn and Andru were Nummo, fish folk, mer people.  They had 8 parts, and they created offspring that each had 8 parts.  Each of these 8 parts had ten fibres of divine essence, and all 80 offspring became human, hence the soul group of 80 souls, 40 male and 40 female – 40 sets of twin souls-  from Lemuria, beings of Amma/Kumari as the Creator God/Goddess.

Amma was the Creator God/Goddess, of the Dogon tribe of Africa, and Kumari is a virgin Goddess of India.  When you watch this YouTube video, take note of the flow of the east with the south, perhaps indicating a virgin Goddess flowing into The Creator Goddess, creating what we now believe to have been Lemuria. 


Avalyn and Andru, being the twin flame origin of my soul lineage, initiated a series of soul activations through my soul, so that I could bring them to you for purposes of re-calibration of your soul’s essential field.

The story of Avalyn and Andru, like all creation stories, corresponds to DNA being a double helix/twin helix, and the essential 8 parts of each of the 80 souls, relate to the glands of the endocrine system:

  • hypothalamus.
  • pituitary.
  • thyroid.
  • Spleen ( though not actually known as a gland, the spleen acts like a gland)
  • adrenals.
  • pineal body.
  • the ovaries or testes
  • pancreas

*Whether your individual soul resonates with this particular story of creation or not, all creation stories relate to the endocrine system and its divine origins, eg. the stories of Amma and Kumari come from Africa and India respectively, and are said to have their origins in Egyptian Creation Stories.

This series of activations, were designed to transform your soul’s essential field, by re-calibrating five of the essential glands, which are in order:

Thymus – to activate the higher heart

Spleen   –  to activate the energy filter

Thyroid  – to activate God Self

Pituitary – To activate Mastery consciousness

Adrenals – to integrate and ground all higher frequencies


There is no being ready or not ready.  The time is always now for re-calibration, re-birthing, and healing; but if you FEEL you wish to prepare yourself for this series, there is a series of healing courses you can avail of here and here