Your Crystalline Heart ~ feedback

Dear Eliza, Wow! so powerful and an amazing experience.  I really feel I am whole, I say again, but this is the first time I have felt it in this life time! The expanse in my heart is lifetimes! I felt safe and loved, almost carried through the twelve days with a lot of pleasant, strange coincidence during this time. Every day when I was crossing the rainbow bridge I had a huge smile on my face, I couldn’t stop smiling and full of excitement, almost child like! I can feel the teaching continue most nights and remembering things again.Thank you thank you thank you so much Eliza, black elk and the masters ???????????? Much love and blessings to your dear heart… Jackie

“This is mega, you will go deeper and higher than you’ve ever been.
Definitely the most powerful and love bringing course ever, to be led and taught by the most gentle, authentic and loving team Eliza, Black Elk and the holy Masters. I have found and opened my heart to the deepest love in my very own “Crystalline Heart”. Forever grateful for meeting you” A

“This is without question the most beautiful and powerful course I have ever had the good fortune to be led to. Eliza is a humble and beautiful Master????. The journey to meet the Masters was overwhelming and on the last day I was shown how our Love and Light shines and helps the Universe and beyond. From my beautiful Crystalline heart I thank Eliza/Black Elk and all who showed me the way with deep gratitude and blessings” M

Eliza is as authentic as they come and all of her work is Quality and well worth your time and donations if you are serious about real Transformation. She assists to hold space to help us remember our own inherent Divine Magnificence ???????????? Jon

“I have a newly and beautifully opened heart, full of Love and Light after working together with Black Elk/Eliza and the Masters during these transmissions. I highly recommend committing your Self, your Soul and your Heart to this work, to be gently led to a new and wonderful place full of joy and gratitude. Thank you, Eliza for all you do” Jamie

“Dear Eliza, I am progressing slowly with this and have a very strong life changing experience.  This is for me. I have participated in few of your events.  Every single event had a life changing effect for me in a certain aspect. Which means I could identify what has changed and what way my life improved during and after the event. The Crystaline heart is very much special for me.If you ask why? I can’t explain I just feel it from my heart and the heart never mistakes. It is like I am in My centre and also in the centre of the universe.  I see that everything is made from energy and I have power to create things using this energy , whatever I want without harming anything   or anyone. I have no fear any more. ( I was fighting against fear for years) or I just can deal with it.But also aware that my every single action has a reaction in the universe and am fully charged for myself I am fully in control and I take responsibility for my every action but also except everyone to take responsibility for their actions.And I am able to clarify and address the boundaries of mine and respect others better than before.I am only in the middle of the first event. I feel what speed I have to go with and I trust. This is perfectly designed work of you  like all of your works.One more thing which is remarkable for me.I always new what the difference is between being and an empath and being compassionate but somehow I could not apply this in my every day life. At the very start of the first day I just knew what changed in a second.  I am an empath and energetically I wasn’t fully assertive to set up my boundaries.and protect myself against people who put their ‘shit’ on me. I know now that I only need to feel compassion to people and let them deal with their ‘shit’, because they are able to do this. The benefits of any of your events last forever.My glory , My honour , My gratitude to you.” Margo

I am finding the Crystalline Heart frequency affecting me in a profound way. It has been a bit of a roller coaster in that I can alternate between feeling energetic and then really tired. My physical heart has responded with pain at times, some  fluttering  and also a feeling of deepening love and expansion. I feel so much gratitude to the Masters and to  you for bringing all  this through in such a loving and compassionate way. I know there is a huge shift taking place in my being. Great love and gratitude to you” Catherine

“Wow not sure what i expected but this was beyond my understanding. I feel like I’ve stepped up and through to a new level of understanding all together, it’s been so powerful and beautiful! I’ve honestly never had a heart opening quite like it, released and learnt so much and stepped further into a place of grace. The light frequencies encoded in this are continuously surrounding me, it’s been an honour to connect! So much gratitude! I feel like I’m learning how to be pure, I can see every trait and action and memory that I can improve on, without judgement and with utmost grace and appreciation for who I am and who I can be. So much expansion” Kiara

“My dear Eliza/Nicolas Black Elk deepest gratitude and love for this beautiful gift. I feel so blessed to be forwarding my candidacy, letting go and letting the One ignite my threefold flame. My heart is full of joy and love. It has been quite a journey to just be and once you let go of trying to “fix” everyone the freedom to LOVE is amazing.

My dear Eliza,Thank you from my Divine heart for all that you are. This has been such a joyful opening of the Crystalline Heart and my immediate connection with Rose of the Light. After listening to the download yesterday Rose took me to an amazing etheric castle and showed my Heart Light and Love shining out to the Universe. I was able to send healing light to a family of eight people whose brother is in a satanic cult and am also sending Love and Light to these poor souls. I had no fear and felt the Light can reach anywhere. So I am guided to send to this man for a few days. Again thank you for shining your beautiful love and light on us all. Love and hugs. Monica 

” Monica