GATE KEEPER~ Activation of energy filter

The spleen is an organ that has a few functions -. It acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system. Old red blood cells are recycled in the spleen, and platelets and white blood cells are stored there, so the spleen is highly functionable when it comes to resisting and filtering invasive energy to the entire organism.  It is possible to live without a spleen, but will leave one more susceptible to bacterial infections.  However, scientists have recently been doing studies that show the spleen to also act as an endocrine gland would act – producing hormones – and hormones are LIFE. 

When it comes to the ETHERIC spleen then, we can accept that the spleen is significant in the creation of life, and in the protection of life, and perhaps then the longevity of life.  This is why the etheric spleen of the new human body is now being activated according to the information of our crystalline selves. This activation will mean future organisms of a higher light frequency – stomachs that will absorb higher quality nutrients more efficiently – perhaps resulting in the abolition of foodstuffs no longer serving a purpose.  Bacterial invasions will become less and less, as the human body becomes a finely tuned instrument.

This has all be facilitated by the etheric manifestation of the new earth’s umbilical cord, from the etheric layers over the sacred site of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia and connected to the cosmos. My Gate Keeper, whom I call DK, is an aborigine spirit guide.  He tells me he is one of the original real human beings, and by that he means he lived at a time on Earth when magical consciousness was the norm in Aborigine Australia.  A Gate Keeper is a spirit guide that acts on the edges of your consciousness so to speak.  The Gate Keeper’s job is to keep you safe, to filter the energy projected towards you, so that your soul does not be overcome by experience.  You know that old saying  – “God only gives you what you can handle”?  Exactly! This is because of Gate Keeper Energy; and in the body the spleen is a gate keeper.  For us then, this activation is also designed to help us filter, to help us discern, and to physically upgrade our protection against outside organisms.  By the way, this image of a Aborigine Spirit Guide really looks like DK.

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This activation began for me in 2018 and had gained momentum until now.  I am thankful, after a period of destruction of the old etheric spleen, to be holding space for this activation to be processed by you via this exercise I have produced.

This is the second etheric biological body re-calibration I have brought to my work – the first was the Thymus gland – and there are now 5 body re-calibrations to avail of – see all of them here

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 A soundtrack will be provided for you, especially designed to assist with the transmission of the activation.


Simply being still and listening to the soundtrack is enough for you to receive the transmission of DK’s frequency activation, channelled from my solar plexus to yours, but you can also keep this affirmation in mind too, like a mantra if you choose throughout the soundtrack, or say it before and after the soundtrack: