The Mother’s Kiss of Abundance

This event includes four activations:

1 – activation of the throat chakra
2 – the crown chakra
3 – the sacral chakra,
4 – the root chakra.

It activates the abundance or energy in your body/life, by increasing the momentum of energetic flow, opening the way for new energy to come in, and heating up the manifestation process. It works on:

1 – your respiratory system
2 – your endocrine system
3 – your lymphatic system
4 – your circulatory system.

This is not a cosmic ordering training. This is a bodily initiation. Cosmic Ordering requires the four essential frequencies of your entire organism, which is your body and your life combined, to be activated and in smooth balance, in order to actually manifest your desires according to your highest good. This initiation will prepare the way for you to begin cosmic ordering.

Plus –
Abundance flow is all about letting go. The mind/body/spirit organism that is you/your life, is a duality that truly is one, a singularity. This duality, or The Two Roads, is like saying Feminine/Masculine, Inner/Outer, Up/Down – you cannot separate one from the other. You cannot separate Father God with Mother God. They are One. You are one. Therefore, you cannot have abundance without poverty. You cannot have everything without nothing. You cannot receive without letting go.

Once you come into balance of the duality – you are being the one. When you are being the one, it is then you can practice cosmic ordering, but you will have to let go of what you think you want in order to receive it LOL!

My abundance flows when I stop thinking and start relaxing. My dreams come in when I let go of them, when I don’t want them any longer. And with being balanced in the singularity within me, I then attract with faith, with trust.

I am abundance. My mind does not have to think about it – if it does it blocks my flow – when it does not, I flow.

I can make things happen by stepping forwards and following my heart, but if I try too hard, and think with my mind, then what happens is still acting small, still less than I am.


This activation will take about 45 minutes in total. There are four activations as one – 10 minutes for each of them.

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