Eliza White Buffalo has downloaded (channeled from Spirit) many activations of the energy field, from activating the opening of the heart to discovering your unique soul’s sound/name.  Below is a list of activations thus far – some on YouTube, some done by you as an exercise done meditatively.

Transforming your Sexual Energy Field – click here   

The Mother’s Kiss of Abundance – click here

Your soul’s sound – in a name! – click here

Your Crystalline Heart click here

Breaking Down the Walls of Time – Activating the Twin Flame – click here

Activating the Genesis of 5th Dimensional Consciousness – click here 

Bring in the Higher Soul Family – click here 

Gatekeeper – Activating your energy filter – click here 

Activating Lemurian Energy of your soul – click here 

Initiating God Self – Activation of the throat – click here 

Manna from Heaven – Activation of your Mastery Consciousness – click here 

The Grandmother’s Way – Activation of your Adrenal Glands – for grounding and integration – click  here