Eliza White Buffalo


About me:

Eliza White Buffalo

I was born into a catholic family in Northern Ireland, in 1965, and from a very early age I was being trained by the spirits in what is known as the way of the shaman. Shamanism is found in many traditions around the world. There is a belief amongst all shamanic traditions that shamans are chosen by the spirits, usually before birth.

I was an exceptional child with many paranormal abilities. Nowadays there are certain extra senses that are widely recognized. They are clairaudience – spiritual hearing, clairvoyance – spiritual sight, clairsentience – spiritual knowing and feeling, clairscent – spiritual smelling, clairsavorance – spiritual taste, and scanning – spiritual touch. I had then and still have now all six of these senses.

My life developed many issues and situations. It is true to say I was frightened for the first 28 years of my life, always feeling a need to escape this world and always frantically finding ways to metaphorically stop walking forwards into life, and yet I always had a great courage I have rarely seen in other people. And so I moved courageously through life with the vast support of the spirit world, especially my spirit guide and twin spirit, Nicholas Black Elk.

As a child I was often found in a cupboard or a shed, or under a bed; anywhere I could be alone and pretend I was in a dark cave. I did this because it was an easy way for me to shut out the physical world and go to the spirit world in my mind, to a place I called The Green, to speak with Black Elk, and often just to be with him and feel the safe feeling I got around him. Black Elk spoke to me about many things way back then, most of which I forgot as I grew older, but remembered again in the latter part of my life.

Aged 36 I had a near death experience following a car crash. I went into the light of the spirit world for the first time since I was 13. I met with the spiritual master, Hilarion who presides over The Flame of Truth and Higher Healing in the spiritual realms. Hilarion, who was the final incarnation of Saint Paul’s soul, told me I was not to pass over but to return to my life and complete my mission. Reluctantly, I returned to my body and my life, my body then having sustained multiple fractures from the pelvis down and life threatening trauma to the lungs. Once again in life fear had caused me to stop walking forwards; this time I was no longer physically able to walk for almost a year. But my mind had been filled with the light of the spirit, and that was everything; it was the beginning of my return to Black Elk.

It is now the year 2020, 18 years on from the NDE, from the re-awakening of my psychic senses. Black Elk and I have come a long way together, having produced four novels, The Two Roads Trilogy, and Letters from Rose.  Miraculously I am well and happy, I embrace life with the same great courage and without that fear. In fact, my reality has transformed into peace and reconciliation with the divine within me.

I Have also developed seven healing modalities in co-operation with the team and another team of spirit doctors.

The arrival of Avalyn and Andru

After working for years with the seven healing modalities and the books, I began to vibrate with a frequency higher than what I saw The Two Roads’ Spirit Team to be.  The twin flames of spirit and body had come together, my heart is burning with the three fold flame we see depicted below, the flames of true love, true wisdom and true power, being the flames of Father God ( blue ) Mother God ( yellow ) and Divine Being (pink) 

I began to re-align with the origins of my soul – Avalyn and Andru – see here

And my work began to change – transmitting frequencies from Avalyn and Andru became my daily spiritual work.

It is true to say I am a happy person and I am not afraid any longer.  Life is good and people are beautiful

Bless you, thank you for reading about me.

There was a time when death taunted me with a terrifying grip and I rejected life with everything I thought I had. I didn’t bargain on that dim ember of the Divine, that, in response to my desperate plea of ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?’ flickered into a gentle flame, in time revealing the truth that the world is beautiful and people are good. Life itself is glorious and death the most glorious part of it..” Eliza White Buffalo