Initiating God Self ~ activation of the throat/new etheric thyroid.

This is the third gland activation I have been shown to provide via transmission and sound recording. This transmission is of the frequency of a new self actualized throat – actualized to higher self that is – thereby building the etheric throat necessary for mastery living – overcoming the pattern of emotional reaction, and control of the lower chakras.

Like the re-calibration of the spleen, and the thymus, this transmission is received by you in your own home, following a guided meditation I will provide for you via youtube.

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I did this less than 48 hours ago as part of the new earth reset ritual and OMG!!!!! Words can’t even explain the transformation to my inner child…A

 I done the activation last night and it got so intense I had to take a break have way through. Although the sweat was beating out of me and heart flying as well I suddenly felt a presence of more than 1 being around me telling me I was OK and safe and everything was fine to just relax and then what seemed like a man’s voice over my head talking away and laughing with me…absolutely surreal!!! After maybe 10mins I was back to myself and was able to finish it comfortably … Shauna