Since 2002 I knew I was to do some very special work with my twin flame spirit BLACK ELK. You can read about Black Elk here . It all began with a premonition in 2004, a premonition of the work we are currently doing together. I would speak aloud in my sleep, but it was not my voice – it was a man’s voice, and it was in the Lakota language. Clearly I don’t speak Lakota, but of course Black Elk did, and he spoke through my voice box at that time. He did that by coming real close to my being, right into my etheric body which is the part of the energy field that is mirrored in the physical. If a spirit gets close enough they can actually use the medium’s voice box to project their speech.

After teaching me a lot about healing and mediumship, Black Elk went on to work with me on many books – 7 in total, the first novel beginning 2008. You can find out about those books here.

Then we went on to establish a charity foundation. We did that work with other spirits for many years and we helped a great many people to heal by providing healers and therapists of many kinds. As well as the foundation we went worldwide and taught our version of shamanism, a blend of the Master Jeshua’s teachings and shamanism from many cultures including Siberia and Native America. We still teach using two Facebook groups as a platform – see this link for all our teachings here although we don’t travel the world now. We also channeled many activations of the spiritual and energetic body, many healing modalities too, and you can see all that we offer here

But the real work was to come. I was prepared for it by channeling a series of mastery level initiation retreats into LIGHT EMBOBIED. Those spiritual retreats can be found here .

Then in May 2023 Black Elk began to speak again using my voice box, again during sleep so that he could perfectly embody our etheric soul. He is doing this so he can speak to the multitude of souls on Earth at this time that are walking the spiritual path. He likes to call them THE GREAT NATION a nation of rainbow souls working to bring a fifth age, an age of enlightenment, into form. In fact this was part of his great vision he had aged 9 when he was shown the work our soul would do, the work all souls would do.

Way back in 2004, when the nightly talks began, I was shown a vision of now times. I ‘saw’ in my third eye an image of me sitting on a chair, and it looked like I was asleep. On my chest was the TWO ROADS SYMBOL which you see in the image down below. A multitude of people were there listening and receiving the codes that would awaken them to their own END GAME. The End Game is what WE, Black Elk and I, are talking about as the divine service you came here to do – your unique flame. We are the flame of Faith, Mercy and Forgiveness, and so when a soul connects with us through this service we are now providing, they wear the symbol, and they receive guidance from Black Elk. This assists them greatly with faith in their highest selves, self compassion and mercy too that will carry them onwards in ascension to the highest. The Two Roads Symbol entrains their consciousness into TWIN FLAME CONSCIOUSNESS, and so the soul reveals LIGHT EMBODIED. Black Elk will guide them through their intuition, their third eye, their dreams, and the opportunities that come up for them. They WILL receive clarity on their path and they WILL receive inspiration to lead them tenderly but passionately into the flow of their highest path of service to not only the transformation of their own lives but of the world, of the universe.

We see a world of mastery flames burning brightly and consciously. The world is transforming. In my vision the wearing of the symbol indicated listening to Black Elk’s deliveries, but also being grounded in their threefold flame, and so each unique journey comes into the End Game .

I have been wearing the symbol since 2012. Look at this image below.

The threefold flame emanates a rose frequency, and this is why the TWO ROADS SYMBOL has a burning rose crystalline center. Black Elk calls this the RED STONE OF POWER. Everyone has one, and when their soul calls out, it emanates its threefold flame of divine service, their red stone of power sings the soul’s unique song of service and a prophecy of a world transformed into harmony of all people.

For over almost 20 years I knew without doubt that this vision of mine would come to be – Black Elk would indeed speak to the masses through my voice. I even wrote it into the end of my first book THE TWO ROADS – describing how Rose (the first person of the book) was actually doing just that in the way I envisioned. I held on tightly to that dream, so much so it never manifested, but in recent years I let go, surrendered to love which was wise to do, but I accepted that the END GAME would happen in another lifetime. How mistaken I was! Because all those years ago when Black Elk spoke in my sleep, it was a premonition, an overlap of the future onto the past. Lately it is happening again, and will happen more and more. In fact, Black Elk tells me it will happen on a regular basis for quite some time, years he is saying.

I am so thankful that I trusted in this end game, and I had the TWO ROADS SYMBOL produced, and my book story too does indeed contain the end game.

Black Elk is a guide to a multitude on Earth at this time. He is my twin flame, and I actually remember that lifetime – have remembered it incrementally all my life. I always felt I was doing this work I do, even living this life, for him, for Black Elk, to allow him to continue his story, but in recent years I knew this was our story, and we are this burning flame of faith, mercy and forgiveness that is now emanating world-wide.

My own life, my own ego, had to be in a humble, quiet, peaceful place before this work could reach its potential, and I will continue to follow the peaceful path as a humble pilgrim of the universal dimensions. That trauma and healing, that crucifixion and climbing THE FOUR ASCENTS (book 2) was all about coming into the peaceful balanced threefold flame of service – LIGHT EMBODIED. WE all will continue to flow and ascend – always onwards, always forwards, always seeking and following the light of BELOVED SOURCE.

Light Embodied


AN AWAKENED SOUL must be aligned with the TWIN FLAME revealed from the higher heart of the soul in order to fully embody Light (Enlightenment). When the DIVINE MASCULINE spiritual self is married with the DIVINE FEMININE earthly self through full immersion into the heart the soul fully incarnates into the body and connects with the Earth Star at the center of Earth. I like to call this Twin Flame alignment, and it is the LIGHT EMBODIED.

The image above shows Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion in perfect balance. In the center is the CRYSTALLINE HEART info here You can see that the crystalline heart is burning with the TWIN FLAME of masculine and feminine married/merged as ONE, and the ONE is the THREEFOLD FLAME OF SERVICE TO ALL UNIVERSAL LIFE; it is the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, the divine SOPHIA that is the CHRIST CHILD or DIVINE LIGHT EMBODIED. This symbol which I like to call THE TWO ROADS SYMBOL is therefore a perfect representation of LIGHT EMBODIED. There are TWO ROADS – the road of spirituality and the road of the ego, and they cross over each other in perfect balance revealing LIGHT EMBODIED and creating THE HEAVENLY STATE ON EARTH. When your masculine and feminine energies are balanced thus your life transforms into harmony of LOVE AND LIGHT. Until this TWIN FLAME ALIGNMENT is activated you will be HEALING through shadow work, bringing all aspects of your consciousness into the LIGHT OF AWARNESS, and INTEGRATING that reality into the grounded SELF.


You can read more about the symbol and how it came about here

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