Testimonies to Healing the Family Soul work


The results of this program have been profound for my family. I am almost in disbelief at the transformations that have been, and are, occurring.  Thank you,   Eliza for your dedication and service to humanity ???? Christie
My heart and soul has felt such relief and awakening I’m in aw. I always felt I was carrying many burdens, these have lifted. It’s thanks to you and your team that I’m in this wonderful place for the first time in this Lifetime and a cord I had to break was the right decision for to break the cycle that needed to be broken for the good of future family members. I haven’t spoken before as I’m still in awe of how I’m feeling everyday. Bless you Eliza and the work you do.. Sharon

“This has being one of the most powerful Programs i have ever participated in. No other program around this topic has come close. Going through it really knocked me , took me deep and was a very emotional experience but all so worth it! If there is one Program i would heartfelt honestly recommend it would be this one.Eliza holds a very safe grounded space for us through it all.” Laila

“My name is Alice and I did Healing the Family Soul in February. I was due to start IVF treatment in October but have just found out that I’m pregnant. It is very exciting and we know that we have been given a gift.” Thank you Alice.

“This is one of the best things I’ve done in my life ❤️ it has truly healed me so much of a heavy burden which was dragging me down. Thank you so much Eliza for the wonderful work you do. Namaste” Sharon

“I highly recommend this. It changed everything for me‘ Marion

Dear Eliza, having just completed the 9 days of Healing The Family Soul with you and your Spirit Team words cannot express how grateful I am for what I have just received and the feelings of Love, Peace Joy and Freedom that now reside in my Heart and Soul.  A good friend of mine once said God never gives you what you can’t handle and if he brings you to it He will bring you through it ! This has just been confirmed for me in these last few days. . I received in nine days what I have been trying to heal in the last nine years, since I first became aware of Healing The Family Soul. I am so very happy to recommend Healing The Family Soul with Eliza and her healing team and to thank her for her Humility, Grace, her selfless service to Spirit, her empowerment, her unconditional Love and respect she has shown and given to me since we first met . With Love and deep Gratitude, Namaste, Niall.

Speaking from my own experience of this ,i took part in this recently with Eliza White and it is well worth doing brings a lot of peace to the whole family and very enlightening .. many Thank’s to Eliza and her team  Pat

It has been a week since i had the privileged honour to embark upon the family soul healing work with Eliza and her team.

I have conducted this work separately following a wonderfully structured example on the two roads page a while back and the results were awe inspiring, so i decided to take it further with the knowledge, connection and support from Eliza and her team.

I was not disappointed!

From accepting the invitation, the healing began, almost in a pre cleanse sense, in my dream time many memories began to surface, not all pleasant, yet at all times i felt safe and held.

As soon as the healing started i could feel Eliza and her team.

No judgement, no opinions just pure unconditional love. I felt more supported and embraced than i had in a very long time.

Each day brought new energies to the surface, aided by the infinity symbol, an urge to let the process be what it was and an inner knowing that Eliza quite literally had my back, i managed with surprising ease to hold my space and empower the changes to occur.

My dearest Eliza, throughout all the changes i felt your presence and your team, and the sheer fact that you have continued to pray for my family after the healing work, feels me with such strength to know not only am i not alone, we are never alone but also reminded me of the love of great spirit, the forgiveness, compassion and sheer beauty of a language i had long forgotten. I hold you and your team in the upmost respect and wish you so much love abundance and peace for all you do for so many.

With much love, from one midwife to another, thank you for empowering my families birth.


I wanted to share that I took this journey with you last year and the impact that it had on my family was profound. The healing is still happening and the results were absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone.?From my heart to yours I thank you for your presence and your gifts. Much love xx Tara