The Two Roads Trilogy

“Congrats and gratitude for this book that heals” Deane

“Eliza’s books open many worlds to the reader with insight, wisdom and ease. These are pivotal readings to open our heart, mind & soul to our true soul journey.” Michelle B Roth

These 4 books are THE best way to discover your own journey to YOU. You can’t find better teaching, love, or truth anywhere..” Angela

“I have read all Eliza’s books, next to an amazing read, page turning! Is the depth an insights, mind blowing. Thanks for contributing and sharing this, with so many people…Gusta Peters”

The Trilogy was written by Eliza White Buffalo, largely with channeling the spirit of Nicholas Black Elk whose near death experience, called ‘The Great Vision’ is a basis for the teachings in the books. Each book stands alone with regards being a story in itself, but they were written to be a series of dna opening coded stories based on experience with a little fiction thrown in to coax you gently into your spiritual path within. Book one will open your heart, reveal your spiritual work, and set you a path of who am I? Book two will open and expand your mind, helping you flow into your own stream of inner truth. Book 3 will connect you to your inner innocence and immaculate heart, and book four will answer so many questions left unanswered.

The books teach about the soul, the healing path, soul groups and ascension into the harmony of a golden age, seen by Black Elk as all hoops of the world as one hoop, under a flowering tree, with one father and one mother of them all.

The Trilogy is followed up with book four – Letters from Rose. Letters from Rose was written in only 6 days, channeled from start to finish by Eliza, from the wisdom of 7 members of her spirit team/soul family ie.

John G Neihardt, author of Black Elk Speaks

Nicholas Black Elk, Lakota Holy Man

Ben Black Elk, Nicholas’ son

Grace Cooke, Medium and founder of White Eage Lodge

Helena Blavatsky, World renowned psychic and co-founder of The Theosophical Society

Padre Pio, Italian monk who bore the wounds of Jesus.

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