I will attest, your photon light therapy with my youngest son was so amazing..practically overnight. When I got his next report card, his teachers had thought we had put him on medication. He has had such an amazing school year ever since, whereas to start, notes were being sent home every day. He’s so much more confident in himself and better emotional self-regulation, we cannot thank you and your team enough… Denise

F……… is doing really well and we see a big shift in him, he is back to his old self and we are so grateful. Thank you, Eileen

I just had this done for my 15 year old nephew. He had been in a state of deep despair for over a week. After the 2 days of Photon Light Therapy, he woke up on the morning of the 3rd day a whole different kid! He was happy, optimistic, like his old self again. A big THANK YOU to Eliza and her team! This therapy really works!….   S

My son slept over 12 hours at night whereas before he was having trouble sleeping.  

Thanks Eliza , I can see a difference already , especially in (name of 6 year old removed) and
(name of 17 year old removed) has his last exam in his leaving cert today and is blossoming.