World Clean Up

CLEARING YOUR FIELD OF ALL MURKY FLOW, your kidneys, bladder, and immunity will thank you.

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On 21st October 2018, I had a dream in which Great Mother came to me, showing me that a flood of infestation is coming over the earth. She showed me an overwhelming flood of souls bringing infections, viruses etc. to us all. She then showed me how to overcome these things. When I woke in the morning my thoughts immediately went to the many people I know who speak of infections and viruses. I asked the Mother if this was down to the flood she showed to me, and she said yes, and also the invasion of your privacy within your social networks, she said, 5G.

This clean up activation works to clean up the spiritual waters of your energy field.

What are spiritual waters? – spiritual waters are the flow of life from the spirit through to the physical, manifesting in ether, breath, endocrinal fluids, lymphatic fluids, and blood.

And now, in 2020, there is the coronavirus – covoid 19.

This is a time when the veil between the physical body and the spiritual bodies is thinner than ever before, a time when a flood of spiritual waters can penetrate the physical and cause great changes. At this time on Earth in particular, the light-workers who are making waves of change right now are easily absorbing the waters of the new world, but we are also cleaning up the waters of the old world by doing so…we are transforming the old into the new. However, the mass focus on shadow causes chaos in the world, and fear leaves people absorbing very dark and dirty infiltrations indeed. These old world collective beliefs are very hard to shake off, and a global understanding of invasion, infestation, and trickery can open up the shadows within us all causing huge stress to the mind and body, and what follows is bodily infections, dirty water, feelings of suffocation, decreased energy levels, and even non-bodily invasions such as being hacked online, being stolen from, our privacy being infiltrated etc.

What Great Mother has shown me to do:

Firstly, we must have faith in HER, for she is the Divine Feminine Goddess, the Earth Mother and she is the Heavenly Mother too. Our bodies are reflections of HER and so we must trust in our body to stand open and free from all belief in the possibility of a ‘dirty flow of energy’.

The flow of energy in the body can be seen like a snake rising up the spine from the Earth, or from the root chakra. Essentially, this serpent lies asleep in the base of your spine – your kundalini area, and when awoken, your psychic energy rises, awakening your soul. When the global flow of energy takes on its shadow side the snake can seem dark and overwhelming. Then the body is under stress; but when the flow is clear from all negative beliefs and superstitions, and fear of infiltration, including psychic attack, no thing can affect or sully the waters.

We can utilize the lavender ray at this time, being a crystalized lavender of the 7th dimension, directed into the sacral chakra and the throat chakra too. This is a crystalized crown frequency, as shown in amethyst crystals, so if you wish to utilize an amethyst crystal at the base of your spine, this will help ground the frequency, and so help integration of your light work.