It’s Time! to get physical…our bodies are changing. Over the next phase of human life – a 33 year period that began 2019, physical change will take place in the human anatomy. Not only will humans look more transparent, young for longer, but they will also have a higher functioning nervous system than we have now. It begins with us, developing the ethereal higher functioning glands within our own system. New babies will be born with increasingly new super glands, and a brain that is using much more of its potential. Children will not be asked to ‘fit in’ to a ‘normal’ – they will set the pace for what is not deemed normal but deemed most useful for earth at this time.

My spirit group of 81 spirit entities, comes from ancient Lemuria. Twin Flames of that group, Nommo People, Avalyn and Andru, is ready to begin speaking, giving a series of instructions, and I will pass the info onto this platform for now. The first set of directions, is a series of glandular updates – recalibrations .


The recent shifts since 2019 have been incredibly powerful, with everyone experiencing it on some level, most on a level of change that has uprooted them and can leave them feeling flighty again after having finally grounded in the root chakra. They are ready to RESET their mind body spirit, and begin new roots, the building blocks of a new world. The stellar gateway is open, and communication from our Monads, our original soul groups in the stars, is pouring through our causal chakras. Groups of souls all over the earth, are holding space for the star beings, and the monadic groups to come to Earth, through channeling right into our physical bodies. Because of this spirit/body merging, our bodies are changing in vibration, and new bodies will automatically be birthed with a higher vibration. In addition, Avalyn and Andru have been holding space for the masters to convey messages from the temples of white. One such master, Lord Maitreya, Cosmic Christ flame, has informed me of certain chemical changes that have begun. This is his message:

There is a certain elemental gas that is now being filtered into the earth’s atmosphere. If you remember the gas called ether that your doctors used about 40 – 50 years ago? When inhaled it became like a fluid within the body. This same gas with a much lighter frequency, is now being filtered into the earth’s atmosphere. This will result in the quickening of your physicality. It will appear to you in about 33 years from now, that the human race is of a higher frequency than it appears to you now. This gas is coming through the trees and vegetation of the planet, and it will result in more translucency of nature’s colours and substance, as well as the translucency of the human being . Lord Maitreya

I had to laugh because Lord Maitreya gave me a feeling like I was on LSD lol…. and assured me that what seems to us now as trance state will indeed be our ordinary conscious state in times to come.

And here is a message from the team of spirits that taught me Photon Light Therapy, and who administer the therapy to us:

These chemical changes originated in earthy disasters over a few recent generations – disasters where human bodies were destroyed as a result of crushing, plane disasters, tidal waves…. The impact of these traumas to the cells of the bodily tissues caused an implosion which created a new universe, a universe within the cells of bodily tissue, a universe that is not only cellular, but also cosmic. The chemical changes that took place within these cellular universes are what Lord Maitreya is speaking of. The souls who pioneered these changes are living today on Earth, each of them very sensitive to today’s substances – much food and drug intolerance.

Photon Light Therapy will be from hereon in, administering the chemical changes to these souls. To read about this specific version that is Photon Light Therapy for energy-sensitive adults click here.


You must reset your mind to align with 5th dimensional thought. For many years you have been training your mind 4th dimensionally, but now is a time to surrender what you think you know. Surrender to Love! Surrender to the original you. The soul stars are activated, and the way is being made ready for them to speak through your unique and awakened voices. This 5 dimensional truth will lift the soul into a new physicality, a new paradigm, promised through many prophecies from your ancestral selves. Yes, we say, surrender to love, the love that is you, and love is the way of mastery. Do this, surrender, and trust and flow….this is the mission you set out to complete, and you are done now with the lessons you came to repeat before embarking on your service to the One.


Globally, because the stellar gateway is open, this means all souls on Earth can ascend now. You will have heard of the 144,000? this means that 144,000 souls have spiritually ascended on a first wave of ascension, and they have opened the gateway for all to follow, and of course for the physicality to follow. Global ascension begins NOW.

Are you ready? Yes, absolutely you are ready on an unconscious soul level, if not on a conscious level. Your determination to ascend will be all you need, and the monad will take care of the rest. This journey of ascension will be as comfortable as you allow it to be. Total surrender to the divine within ensures a flow of easy transition. Of course, many people are still holding trauma in their bodies, and so their ego selves will ensure resistence which will cause discomfort of varying degrees. If you have done your healing work the RESET will be easier than you might think. If you have more work to do the RESET will take care of that. This is why there is chaos in the world right now in 2020 – the resistence to change is shaking things up globally, but if we are centred in Surrender to Love, we will flow easily, and of course, all variations in between surrender and resistence will cause variations of flow.



RESET is followed by THE SECRETS OF LEMURIA. It is recommended that you reset first before going on to do THE SECRETS OF LEMURIA retreats. If your nervous system is healed and well balanced, jump straight to The Secrets of Lemuria and the retreats that offers. However, if you feel your nervous system is still in need of healing, by all means RESET is the right programme for now. Also check out PHOTON LIGHT THERAPY here