FOR THOSE LIGHTWORKERS WELL ON THEIR PATH OF ASCENSION – THIS NEW WORK IS ABOUT –BEYOND DUALITY – INITIATION INTO CONSCIOUS LIVING. This is a series of etheric retreat – done in your own home – full guidance provided via recording.



Madagascar, part of what is now Africa, used to be part of Lemuria that is said to have stretched from there, across parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, including Hawaii. And Atlantis was said to have been somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Both continents, consisting of many islands, enjoyed an age of golden consciousness, when all human beings had crystalline roots. These were the ROOT RACES of all humanity.

All human beings came forth from the seven rays of God. Africa was home to the first humans of the violet and blue ray, which come from Alpha and Omega, and the crown and the root chakras hold these frequencies. A human soul might have its roots in Lemuria, or Atlantis, or both, because some of the Lemurians, who are said to have come first, are said to have continued on to other continents such as Atlantis before Atlantis fell. It is not sure if Lemuria and Atlantis fell at the same time, but I believe that all human souls today have their soul roots in one or both of them.

When a human soul vibrates with the frequency of its root race, in balance, it is called to the temple of the blue/violet ray, for initiation into the threefold flame chamber of the heart, the inner temple of the heart. The threefold flame is the unified flames of the blue, pink and yellow rays, the flames of wisdom, love and power. These are the qualities a master must attain for the reward of eternal life and service to all. This level of consciousness is attained only through initiation and a labour of love, the creation of the twin flame united

.Last year – 2019 – the monad of my soul, advised the activation of our Lemurian and Atlantean energies. I am an experienced shaman, so I began to journey for many of you, to discover Lemurian and Atlantean aspects to your soul – past lifetimes you spent there. I also initiated the 4-part activation called Your Crystalline Heart, in which you get to make vows of dedication to the law of the threefold flame of your own monad, and to journey into the retreats to initiate your own mastery training.

This new series of my work is titled THE SECRETS OF LEMURIA – Initiation as a White One.

THE PATH SO FAR: Dedication, hard work, and discipline are required when it comes to spiritual development of the soul. When a person first has a taste of awakening, it is an exciting time filled with hope, self-empowerment, and joy. They embark on a great adventure, becoming a seeker of truth, and the more they turn inwards the more their self-awareness increases, and their mind and heart open to the reality of freedom of spirit. Pain, time, separation, and all other symptoms of illusory truth such as labels and self-limitation, eventually become ideas in the grand pool of the moment which is now. We get to choose what we experience; it was always that way, we had the power of choice in every moment of our lives. ‘Now’ we continue with our free will. We get it freely and we give it freely. We receive love freely and we give it freely. Our hearts and minds become one, the divine will and love balanced within our individual consciousness and unity consciousness.

For many on the spiritual path of ascension the awakening was the easy part, sometimes taken out of our hands it may seem, but always we had a choice, no matter if it was a conscious choice or not. Then we had the healing path. Again, very much alongside the path of awareness – as we healed, we became aware, and as we became aware, we healed. There was no healing without awareness, and there was no awareness without awakening and there was no awakening without suffering. It was because of suffering we chose awakening. Our long sleep was a choice we made, and we experienced it to the fullest, and then we chose to wake up because, well, there were many reasons, the main one being we wanted to come home. We had distanced ourselves so far from the Divine Love and Light that we could not stand it any longer.

THE WHITE ONES: We had fallen so deep into darkness that we forgot we actually are Love and Light. However, in our wilderness we may have felt alone without hope, without help, but the truth is there was always help available. The help came from our Monad, our family in Love and Light, our family that never forgot us, that never truly stopped watching us as we played small. Our Monad is the part of our consciousness that did not fall from a state of grace into darkness; and it is filled with those aspects of our consciousness that woke up before our little individual minds, made the ascension through countless initiations, and were welcomed back home, unconditionally. They are the masters, both male and female counterparts, the family that still call on us in our plight, and seek to support us, hold us as we follow their lead home. They hear us calling, they witness our struggles, and they send us succour. They will not interfere with our choices; they know only too well that our greatest gift is free will. Like they did, they want us to come home fully awake, as masters of multi-dimensional life.

The masters reside in etheric retreats in the heaven worlds. Once a soul makes its ascension, it takes a place in service to those still not ascended, and that service is carried out from the various retreats. These retreats are spread out over the etheric layers of the earth. The masters are collectively known as ‘The White Ones’. They are known by many other names, but for this group let’s stick with The White Ones.

Below are words from Afra, one of the White Ones. His retreat is the first retreat in this series. He was one human being of the first race of human beings on this planet. His species lay down the template for the human being we see now, and I really do believe that we, as those human beings, are now laying down the template for a new human being, and that it is therefore, wise to listen to Afra’s guidance.

I Afra, of the first race of humankind, am here to assist you in the retrieval of the violet blue ray from deep within your root chakra. This ray is coming forth for all who have lit the threefold plumage in their hearts, and the white gold plumage in their crowns. Let the white fire of Christ burn from within the hearts of men and women, as one expression of God in Love, in Body, in Life. Life itself shall burn with this sacred heart, each of you with your colour of service, each one a colour of the white bridge of hope. I shall walk that bridge, and meet you there in your heart, and direct you to the corresponding retreat of your lineage. There to meet with those who have loved you from you were a seed of hope in the heart of the Monad. Each path you will be introduced to will reveal the outcome of its merits; it shall be your task to resonate with the path of your soul’s design. When you have chosen the highest path only, shall you proceed in body on earth to manifest the divine design of your soul. This task is not for the faint in valour. You must be ready to renounce all illusory ego, and follow only the music of your innermost spheres. Each note will be presented to you when you have been initiated into your inner cella/classroom, the walls of which are music itself. In this room you shall be called to your path of service, which will include graduation of six other universities. These retreats shall be available to you in unison. The student must be aware of the merits of selflessness, and the glory of the crowned one, before passing through into eternal life as a white plumed brother and sister of the heaven worlds.

Afra’s words above, were welcomed by me a year ago, when I first understood that I was to do this work alongside my brothers and sisters in training. It took a whole year for it to begin, and it began with Afra smiling at me and saying – “let us talk about geography”Lol – geography! It reminded me of school…but I guess this is school – just a different kind of school.So, this first …. It is hard to find the right definitive….let us say this first ‘experience’ is about soul geography. Where in the world is the most fruitful place for your soul to be right now?Wow – so we are talking about fruitfulness! Bearing the fruit of our spiritual transformation.

To begin with then….Afra talks to me about the RESET programme, click here to view ,many of us have already been through to get here now. All those glandular activations, and the template of genesis that is now bringing forth the new human design. And that is what we are – a design that reveals the God Self in all its ‘gold’liness. The God Codes within us have awakened, and we are stepping forwards for initiation into the White Ones.

Every day now I feel the White One within me growing more and more present…and unlike the initiations we went through to get here, these initiations will be a breeze sweeping us into mastery…. once we have a firm grounding for selflessness that is, and any one soul who is still reading this will know what selflessness is. The roots of selflessness are well established in our unity consciousness community right now. Let’s take a moment to congratulate each other – well done Sister, well done Brother….and thank you for not forgetting me. How could you, because I could not have forgotten you? Together we are holy blessed and wholly re-membered.

So we began with our RESET, and then we came fully into our crystalline heart, and I brought forth my work – YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART – one of the most beautiful activations of the threefold flame I know of. And now, following our return to the threefold flame within, we are looking at the path of mastery once again. I remember the day in 2004, when The White Ones told me – “one day you will stand beside us”I now can see that day coming, and I see it closer with each shift in my consciousness. How blessed are we to be here on Earth at a time when humanity is experiencing a mass awakening and returning to one – returning to white – White One!


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Eliza White Buffalo. ❤