1 RESET for the 5th Dimension – full program

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It’s Time! to get physical…our bodies are changing. Over the next phase of human life – a 33-year period that began in 2019, physical change will take place in the human anatomy. Not only will humans look more transparent, young for longer, but they will also have a higher functioning nervous system than we have now. It begins with us, developing the ethereal higher functioning glands within our own system. New babies will be born with increasingly new super glands, and a brain that is using much more of its potential. Children will not be asked to ‘fit in’ to a ‘normal’ – they will set the pace for what is not deemed normal but deemed most useful for earth at this time.  We must RESET our nervous system – RESET our perspective on the world – RESET how our mind responds to outer energy – RESET our entire vision of who we are NOW and our children’s future.  The world IS beautiful, and people ARE truly good.  When we RESET, we see this again, as from eyes not yet tainted by illusion. Our entire development begins NOW.  The NEW EARTH is ready!

This is a 8-stage programme.  It can be done over 8 days or longer – it is up to you – and it can be done again and again to increase integration.  Self empowerment is key.


Sound of the Sun Transmission for activation of the higher self – Activating the 5th dimensional consciousness – Kumari/Lemurian activation of the new earth thymus – Gatekeeper activation of the new earth spleen/spiritual filter – Initiating God Self Activation of the new earth thyroid – Manna from Heaven Activation of the new earth pituitary – The Grandmother’s Way Activation of the new earth adrenals/deeper grounding and rooting – Anchoring the 5th dimension.


Upon receipt you will be emailed with the full 8 stages, usefully compiled in one pdf that you can save to your device for future use.