Dear Heart

Thank you for connecting and for all the good energy you put into the world. Let me introduce myself and tell you how I can help you:

My name is Eliza White Buffalo, named so by Spirit. I am a shaman and I was so in uncountable lifetimes. In this lifetime I have reached an elder level of shamanic understanding and practice. All my life I have worked with Spirit, and in my childhood I spent a lot of time connecting with my main spirit guide Black Elk. I knew a great deal of light as a child, but also a great deal of darkness, and I was traumatized from early on right through til aged 18. At aged 13 I shut down and went into a state of spiritual unconsciousness. In 2002, at aged 36, I had a near death experience that initiated an awakening. After that it was an uphill journey for me.

I have created a lot of work with the many spirits that address my soul. We have activations and healings, re-calibrations, ancestral clearing, meditations, readings and books to share with you, many free of charge and others a fee for my work. Our novels are based on real-life spiritual awareness, not only of my life but of Black Elk’s life, especially the world renowned vision of these awakening times he had when he was only 9 years old.

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We taught shamanism throughout Europe, the UK and Ireland, and we did that over 18 years. We have now retired from that and so we now give our shamanism course materials away for free so that the energy of our good work is still put out into the universe. I also give away a psychic and spiritual development course since that too is not our focus any longer.

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Our focus now is on prayer, guidance and healing on a global level. My own healing took 20 years, running alongside helping others – I believe that we help ourselves through helping others. My own journey with healing led me to a cure of heart disease only a few weeks ago in June 2023. Since then I have been closely listening to my spiritual guidance on how to move forwards with the global healing. It is to be a two-fold practice. Every day I work with the spirit of Padre Pio who brought through many miracles in his time on Earth, and also the spirit of Our Beloved Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine Grace. I begin with prayer, and I have a prayer list ongoing – you can add yourself and your petition to this list by contacting me. After the prayer I practice Divine Union with Padre and Mother Mary, and it is through their occupation of my etheric energy body that they help you.

Our focus is also on guidance, and since my soul which is that of Black Elk too, is aligned with our sacred heart flame of service, our united spirit is omnipresent. We guide through dream visitation and intuitive connection. You can avail of this too – click here to see how

Thank you for reading, I am grateful for all the energy in my life. My desire has always been ‘Closer my God to Thee’, and so I acknowledge that Source of Goodness within your heart and soul.

With the love that is you, Eliza White Buffalo and Nicholas Black Elk.

Amen and Hetchetu’aloh

Painting of Black Elk by Giuliani

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