Below are words from Afra, one of the White Ones. His retreat is the first retreat in this series. He was one human being of the first race of human beings on this planet. His species lay down the template for the human being we see now, and I really do believe that we, as those human beings, are now laying down the template for a new human being, and that it is therefore, wise to listen to Afra’s guidance.

I Afra, of the first race of humankind, am here to assist you in the retrieval of the violet blue ray from deep within your root chakra. This ray is coming forth for all who have lit the threefold plumage in their hearts, and the white gold plumage in their crowns. Let the white fire of Christ burn from within the hearts of men and women, as one expression of God in Love, in Body, in Life. Life itself shall burn with this sacred heart, each of you with your colour of service, each one a colour of the white bridge of hope. I shall walk that bridge, and meet you there in your heart, and direct you to the corresponding retreat of your lineage. There to meet with those who have loved you from you were a seed of hope in the heart of the Monad. Each path you will be introduced to will reveal the outcome of its merits; it shall be your task to resonate with the path of your soul’s design. When you have chosen the highest path only, shall you proceed in body on earth to manifest the divine design of your soul. This task is not for the faint in valour. You must be ready to renounce all illusory ego, and follow only the music of your innermost spheres. Each note will be presented to you when you have been initiated into your inner cella/classroom, the walls of which are music itself. In this room you shall be called to your path of service, which will include graduation of six other universities. These retreats shall be available to you in unison. The student must be aware of the merits of selflessness, and the glory of the crowned one, before passing through into eternal life as a white plumed brother and sister of the heaven worlds.



To begin with then….Afra talks to me about the RESET programme, click here to view ,many of us have already been through to get here now. All those glandular activations, and the template of genesis that is now bringing forth the new human design. And that is what we are – a design that reveals the God Self in all its ‘gold’liness. The God/ess Codes within us are awakening, and we are stepping forwards for initiation into the White Ones.

Every day now I feel the White One within me growing more and more present…and unlike the initiations we went through to get here, these initiations will be a breeze sweeping us into mastery…. once we have a firm grounding for selflessness that is, and any one soul who is still reading this will know what selflessness is. The roots of selflessness are well established in our unity consciousness community right now. Let’s take a moment to congratulate each other – well done Sister, well done Brother….and thank you for not forgetting me. How could you, because I could not have forgotten you? Together we are holy blessed and wholly re-membered.

So we began with our RESET, and then we came fully into our crystalline heart, and I brought forth my work – YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART – one of the most beautiful activations of the threefold flame I know of. And now, following our return to the threefold flame within, we are looking at the path of mastery once again. I remember the day in 2004, when The White Ones told me – “one day you will stand beside us”I now can see that day coming, and I see it closer with each shift in my consciousness. How blessed are we to be here on Earth at a time when humanity is experiencing a mass awakening and returning to one – returning to white – White One!