The Retreats are numbered as they progress.  If you are not yet aligned with the new energy, I suggest you do the RESET programme before you embark on YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART, and then THE RETREATS.  This is designed to align your conscious state with your Lemurian frequencies.

latest review – “Dear Eliza, I’ve started the 3rd retreat and I’m loving it so much. My cave is in Egypt. I am feeling and seeing such positive changes… I feel time differently, I feel so much love, and I feel more power of choice when thinking on continuing old stories or allowing the soul to live in much better conditions. I even feel that maybe I’m changing my digestive needs for foodstuff. Maybe become to increase the nourishment through Prana. Thank you for putting your beautiful service out there!” A

“I’ve been doing Afras retreat since July first and I think I am at the final stages, although it has taken nearly 10 earthy weeks…. It’s mind blowing xx” Amy

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