Retreat 5 – The Parting of The Red Sea ~ The Great Exodus


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May your chakras spin, leap, and dance with joy, for your time of exile is past. Come out of your cave Dear Initiate, part the red sea of the old and new, and dance forever more in the spirit of joy. 

Retreat 5 is with Lord Yehsua and Lady Nada, in their retreat under the sandy surface of The Arabian Desert, just north of The Red Sea,

In this retreat you will part forever from the old world that is now destroyed, and run into the arms of Lady Nada and Lord Yeshua who will join with you in DIVINE UNION OF WE ARE ONE.

This retreat is about coming home to JOY, to the celebration of the return of the Christed Child into unity…your mastery training is halfway through – from here on in you are a force of unstoppable authority.

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