note: these readings are often a 4 week wait

This particular reading is a soul retrieval from lifetimes in which the soul lived in ancient Lemuria, most likely with psychic gifts such as telepathy and other mastery levels of conscious living.  In order to do these journeys into the soul, Eliza must fully enter the sacred white fire of the soul she is journeying within, and from there, through zero point of all time and space.  From this position, Eliza is capable of receiving sensory information and experience of both perspectives of duality ie. the soul’s lessons and the soul’s empowerment regarding any life story.

This service is provided distantly, meaning you do not have to connect with me.  It will be recorded in a word document which will be emailed to you.

latest review –

“I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of receiving a Lemurian reading from Eliza last July….I was divinely guided to rediscover it yesterday and WOW, a whole new layer of resonance and information presented in my new current state/perspective etc! Thank you Eliza White for sharing your gifts and soul essence in the world. So powerful and appreciated! Sabrina”

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