Kumari – Lemurian Activation

For this awakening of our Lemurian energies, we must transcend the old heart and come fully into the white fire core of our higher hearts, through activating the higher function of the thymus gland. Blessed Black Elk, my spirit flame, has activated my own thymus, and will be transmitting the same activation via unity consciousness, into your individual living soul. This will result in an anti-aging function, and also a superior immune system.
In our lightened civilization we will eventually eradicate viruses and old age complaints. The activation will also align us to the new earth’s atmospheric field as it is here and now, so that we will be ready for the higher shifts in human consciousness, still to come.


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TIME:- THE TRANSMISSION WILL GO OUT 9am GMT on the first day of the event – and will continue for up to 3 days following. You will receive a soundtrack with the sounds Blessed Black Elk requires to ensure your thymus, pituitary and pineal glands are open and receptive.


listen to the soundtrack, relax the muscles, and breathe deeply, and receive.

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This re-calibration works either with or before, or even after, you embark on the opening of your rose frequency, which you can do with my event – Your Crystalline Heart