Two Roads and Akaija are related

Yes!  The Two Roads Symbol and the Akaija are related.

It is not easy to explain how because it is so fundamental, and I hope you understand that statement – for me the fundamental, the simplicity, is felt in my heart, and not always is it easy to express with my words, because the mind complicates things and makes this more intricate than what is necessary.

Linda, one spirit member of my Two Roads Soul Team, and also the inspiration behind the Akaija, attempted to explain it to me like this:

Take The Akaija, and put it on the ground, and now step on it to flatten it.  Here you now have The Two Roads Symbol.  🙂

The Two Roads Symbol you see, is a symbol of duality, of the dimension that is God the Father, God the Mother, and The Created One.  The Two Roads Symbol reveals the seven powers that arise from this dimension of duality. The Akaija is the same, but it reveals movement at the same time.  The Akaija reveals the movement of Divine Life Force as it is revealed through the seven powers.  The seven powers are basically the seven directions, or the seven chakras you could say – they are mind, body, spirit, emotion, above, below and within.  Because the Akaija reveals the movement of lifeforce – or some say The Light Body – it is considered by US to be The Healer, whereas The Two Roads Symbol is considered by US as FAITH… The Two Roads Symbol will help you to have Faith in your HIGHEST SELF.”

The Two Roads Symbol reveals Truth promoting Faith

Two Roads Symbol

Reveals the Truth Within



(In the Akaija-Iloa you can clearly see the movement of both forces)

Then Linda asked me to visualize me being The Two Roads Symbol: (with the symbol in a vertical position)

“Now, I want you to step forwards, creating movement”, she said.  “See the path you take as both a forwards movement AND a backwards movement, because there is always a balance, a pulling together, a magnetic action, between the masculine giving or penetrative, positive force, and the feminine, receptive or consuming, negative force.  When you move you will then understand that the magnetic action causes a circular movement.  And so you have Akaija, two counterparts of the same movement, flowing in a circular manner, seemingly turning back on itself, but always flowing positively.”

And as I felt into the movement with awareness of both the masculine force and the feminine force, I actually felt like I was going forwards but bobbing like a ball on an ocean wave.  There was a balancing happening at all times, keeping me centred and secure in my physicality.

Linda said “this is how the earth moves”

Well…. I had a eureka moment, and I had a visual of the earth moving on her orbit around the sun, just as I move around my solar plexus with each breath and out-breath, with each ebb and flow of the wave.  And I also saw in one moment – the reality of The Two Roads Symbol, or you could say The Circle of Life, within every atom of the physicality – and the Akajia movement around each central sun.  And even though I already believed The Akaija Symbol, which means WE ARE ONE just as The Two Roads Symbol reveals this oneness, aligns and adjusts a person’s energy flow so that it flows without restriction, I now was able to combine the two symbols in my knowledge that FAITH is a HEALER.