What is your Soul Name?

Your soul’s unique sound – in a name!

This is a service to assist you with actualizing your Threefold Flame. Every soul has a unique sound, a song, a prophecy lying within, a prophecy of purpose in the great plan of life.  Eliza will travel into the stars to hear and see your soul name, its meaning, and its purpose

“This is a beautiful gift to yourself ?. I received my soul name some years ago now, but the minute I heard it I began to sing it and it felt so familiar and at home in myself. Thank you Eliza for your many gifts of LOVE” Monica

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Sound is frequency!

All names are sound, and when you know the sound of your soul it is a true gift. It opens you to explore not only your throat chakra frequencies, your soul’s purpose, but also transmits that purpose into the physical form. What you have to say, what you have to SOUND, is important. None of us can truly feel complete until we sound what we have, what we are, into the universe, in a way that resounds with joy – all the universe falls into place.

Every soul has its own unique sound, its song, which it emits into the universe in full co-operation with the universe’s echo, a reflection of your song.  When your twin flames are lit in your heart, and you activate the third flame, the threefold flame of wisdom, love and power, sings, it releases a prophecy that is your divine purpose in the great divine director’s plan of life itself.


The soul name is not the spirit name – usually, and especially with advanced souls, there is a spirit name, but there is a soul name too. A soul name is the SOUND of your soul, whereas a spirit name is usually a name that depicts your gifts or totems. A soul name is the sound of your soul NOW whereas a spirit name might be carried for lifetimes.  A soul name can be heard when a shaman travels into your spiritual field, and above the crown chakra.  Sound is frequency, and when frequency comes close enough to the etheric realm it begins to form sound such as in vowels and consonants.  Each letter of the sound then has a specific frequency, and when all heard together forms a word or a name.  

At the same time, I have often received a spirit name as well as a soul name…for eg.  I carry Eliza, and above that is Eleanor, but I am also known as White Buffalo and Minesta, and for many years now as Flaming Tipi.  A spirit name doesn’t change necessarily, unless a new name is attributed, but a soul name will change – it will evolve as your frequency evolves. The soul name I will find will be who you are evolving into at present. 


My sound is Eleanor. Eleanor is who I am. When I say it I feel such a sense of HOME – I mean my starry home. I am a planetary pilgrim from the stars. I have been exploring universes since I began millennia after millennia ago. When I say it now, the joy in my heart lifts my spirit so high I grow beyond words. Let me tell you how I first heard the sound of my soul:

It was in 1967. The spirit of Black Elk has been with me since I was an infant. In 1967 I was two years old, and Black Elk was part of my household, my family, albeit a family member only I could see, though I did not know that at the time. Many toddlers see spirits, and they assume we see them too. So in those days Black Elk called me Eleanor. But it was not until 2012 that I heard the name again. I was travelling in spirit to the stars. I would go easily, close my eyes and feel myself going there. I would lose all sense of sound, and also I would lose all sense of physicality. On one such journey, on the way back from the stars, I began to hear spiritual tones, very high pitched. The tones changed into white noise as I came closer to my ordinary earthly consciousness. Out of the white noise came what sounded to me to be a voice. It was not the voice of a spirit, but it was a word that was spoken out of the sound of light. The word was an order of vowels and consonants. It was Leoer’n’a. It made no sense to my language. I came closer to my earthly consciousness, and soon I heard Black Elk say “this is the sound of your soul”. It was six months later I finally switched on to the fact that Leoer’n’a is an anagram of Eleanor. When I finally understood, Black Elk said “language is soul light frequency brought so close to the earthly frequency, that it becomes what you know to be vowels and consonants, which are then rearranged to form a picture, or an aura, that identifies the world and all its aspects. What you know to be vowels identify the frequency, and what you know to be consonants carry that frequency in dimensional travel.