Letters From Rose

Letters From Rose

Letters From Rose

Following her death in 2059, Christine’s grandmother Rose left behind a legacy, a secret to happiness. Aware of the much suffering Rose had lived through in her life in order to reveal the secret, Christine tries to make amends by transforming the setting of a pivotal time in Rose’s childhood. She soon discovers the transformation was meant to be for herself, as the secret is revealed to her through a series of letters communicated by Rose directly from the afterlife. This story, happening over one day in a humble cottage by the sea, awakens the reader to the secret that lies deep within them, in the consciousness of humanity since the beginning of life itself.


 An inspirational read. Highly recommended!

“A book packed with compassion and wisdom from start to finish. Loved it. Full of deep understanding and detail of energy and shamanism that is transformative and a great road map for anyone seeking answers and ready to make changes. I’ll be reading Eliza’s other books now too. Wonderful book!” Jan

“Do not be deceived by the simple cover – This book is a profound read full of invaluable insights and lessons that lead you home to your authentic self, but it is foremost an experience, a healing in itself! – by that I mean the very act of reading it changes your mind, exposes the illusion of the ego mind, and lifts your spirit within to the Truth, that only a surrendered forgiving mind can change what is.I find it hard to find the words to do it justice as This book is on another level – so if you feel drawn to it, I would say don’t question it, just go with it, and let it become a blessing in your life. I am so grateful that I bought the gift of “Letters From Rose” for myself as I will revisit this special book again and again, to come home to myself” – Trish

 A Seed of Light

“A book by one who knows the truth of who we really are, and is written from the heart, with the sole purpose of awakening us and freeing us to eternal life. Thank you Eliza, Black Elk and all who are calling us to this boundless reality of our true home. This is a seed of light in the world.” L Payne

 Yet another beautifully written book by Eliza

“Yet another beautifully written book by Eliza. Each letter is a gift in itself taking you on a journey of discovery and knowledge that is nothing short of awe inspiring. A definite must read!” anonymous

 Higly recommend

“What an amazing book it literally wraps you in love and speaks to your soul. Couldn’t put it down I loved hearing your journey. Highly recommended for everyone to read!” Nuala

thank you!!

“Letters From Rose by Eliza White Buffalo is awesome! Many Blessings and Gratitude!” Lisa

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