Reviews for Breaking Down the Walls of Time

Hi Eliza, Breaking Down the Walls of Time was very powerful.  I sobbed through the second prt, however I did keep a smile throughout, just heavy joyful memories flooded, so early back to my early childhood. So very profound and life altering this was.  Thanks you for your time and incredible work  My life has changed so much… M 


“Breaking Down the Walls of Time was profoundly moving And life altering.  I felt the masculine wounds flood out for healing, all of my many issues with my dear father, peeling  back and away through all of our tougher years, way back to when he held me as a child, joyful memories, long forgotten by the teenage me, had been buried and covered .  It was so incredibly powerful, and through the pain came an intensely joyfully moving transmission.  Then the feminine healing cane, aspects and scares of my relationship with my mother become very complicated over the years, and at times almost estranged, but during this meditation transmission, I had an extremely powerful healing of the feminine wounds that I had developed over the years, causing much distress between my beloved mom and myself to begin to dissipate   The meditation and transmissions pulled back layers into layers and layers of hidden joyful memories, memories that were buried from my teenage self and my ego separation self.  I am honored, and purged, and immensely evolved from just one session from Breaking Down the Wall of Time.  It is amazing, extremely profound, extremely powerful, and forever life altering.  With One Love ️ Megan Marie”