Note: there is usually a 2-4 week waiting period for this work


Eliza White Buffalo is a shaman taught by the spirits of the ancient ones. Her natural healing abilities have their origins in the Amazon Plant Medicines. This compilation of sounds has been designed to assist in her healing transmissions, and sending you on a journey into the rain forest and the spirits of Ayahuasca, Kalissus, Meadowsweet, and Snake. See full description below.

All you will need to do is – simply relax and take in the sounds of the video which will be connected with via email. The video contains a transmission of healing, and also,  Eliza White Buffalo will connect with with her team of shaman healers from North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Siberia, to activate the healing of Ayahuasca, Kalissus, Meadowsweet and Snake within your energy field.  She will then go on the journey with your astral self, and stay with you whilst the spirits of Ayahuasca, Kalissus, Meadowsweet and Snake work on your healing. There are also other elementals that will come in, sometimes the spirits of the ancient nature gods too.  When the healing is done, and the soundtrack is finished, Eliza will spend the next 20 minutes writing a report of the entire process step by step which she will send to you via email.

“This healing is incredibly magical…  Eliza White Buffalo at her best.”



– You feel you have an attachment or possession – when people say you are no longer yourself.

  • When you have a physical ailment that is causing you pain and/or discomfort.
  • When your emotions are overwhelming, or you are stressed.
  • When you feel infested, invaded, crowded by another or many.
  • If you feel under any kind of  ‘spell’.

AYAHUASCA AND THE KALISSUS... are primordial healers…. the mother vine and the beetles of the rainforests.MEADOWSWEET is a painkiller, found in abundance in Ireland at this time of year, likely many northern countries.Ayahuasca, Kalissus, and Meadowsweet are in my soul – their spirits work with me shamanically. I believe that when you work with the spirits of plants, or indeed any spirits, so powerfully in one lifetime, those spirits stay with your soul in other lifetimes. For me in this lifetime, the three names of these spirits were on the forefront of my mind since forever – these spirits have been constant companions, just waiting for me to get empowered with them again.Meadowsweet’s herbal uses had a base in scientific fact, in common with many other folk and herbal remedies. In the 19th century, chemists isolated salicylic acid from Meadowsweet. The acid was a disinfectant so it not only made rooms smell better but helped the fight against bacteria. It was a painkiller and anti-inflammatory but hard on the stomach. Only after it was synthesised did it become an acceptable candidate for mass production and sold in tablet form as ‘aspirin’ – ‘a’ for acetyl and ‘ –spirin’ for Spirea, the original botanical name for Meadowsweet.Ayahuasca — also known as the tea, the vine, and la purga — is a brew made from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub along with the stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine. This drink was used for spiritual and religious purposes by ancient Amazonian tribesKalissus is a collective term for beetles. Many earth shamans carry the medicine of Kalissus which is the ability to eat negative energy and release it into death to be transformed. The beetles come at the shaman’s calling, and can look like a black cloud around the infected flesh, a cloud that then disappears.Insects are great healers. They carry disease and can extract it from the body. The Kalissus beetle is found often in Amber which is another great healer for the body. The Kalissus beetle extracts mould from the body such as candida. I have worked with insects all throughout my healing work over the years, in fact throughout several lifetimes, especially a recent shaman life in South America in which I acquired the healing ability of the mother vine too. When I do psychic surgery I often see the Kalissus beetles coming in their thousands to assist. It took me and the beetles many years to lighten my body sufficiently to bring the frequency of the mother vine again, but we have done it. Ayahuasca takes no prisoners – she will cut through illness and leave the pieces for the beetles to eat up. This is the way of the Amazonian shaman within me. I am grateful to the beetles and to all medicine species within. Gratitude and devotion to Great Spirit and to