Breaking Down the Walls of Time

This activation is best done on the 22nd of any month.

This transformational exercise took 5 years to bring about, from the first day Black Elk said those words to me – “we are now going to begin breaking down the walls of time”. A lady came along whom provided the first study for me to understand and conduct my part of the process, to hold the space required, and to transmit the first waves of destruction of the old world. Now, January 2020 the process is ‘hot’. The world is crumbling as we reunite with our crystalline selves that hold the information of a world of light.

As a human being, you are a co-creator with the Source of Life.  I believe the source of life exists within you, and you are constantly creating life with every breath you take. Since your childhood you have constructed the very world you live in.  As a new born infant your first projections of thought manifested a world that you don’t remember, but one of the very first forms in that world will have been your mother’s face, her voice, perhaps your father’s too, and so on and so forth.  The world formed according to your thoughts, and your thoughts were constantly responding to the world you formed.  Thus, began the game, a duality of projection and reaction.  But you didn’t come from duality originally, you came from singularity, from the womb of the mother, where within the silence, there was no need, the world was abundant and Mother/God gave you everything.  You did not react to that world, nor did you need to project, because everything was instantaneous.

It was only when you came out of the silence that you began to project in relation to your needs.   And the game of duality continued to this day.  Waking up, what we call spiritual awakening, is the journey of coming back into the silence within you.  The silence is still there, it has always been there, it is your origins, but finding your way back to it has been a journey, a struggle at times, a joy at other times.  Of course, because you are playing a game of duality – where there is pain there is joy, same as where there is masculine there is feminine.  You are waking up from the dream of duality, and remembering the singularity within your consciousness.  When you remember the silence of the singularity, its abundance, its instant gratification, and the great feminine source of it all around you, a miraculous thing happens – your thoughts become merged with this divine feminine source.  I am talking about the twin flame.  Your thoughts are masculine energy, projection…and when they are merged with the feminine dark silence within, what arises is the twin flame marriage.  Out of the twin flame marriage arises the conception of a world that will be governed by the same force that governed the womb, the unconscious divine self, or what people like to name as God.  So basically, God is divine feminine and divine masculine, and when these equal forces come together, we have the twin flame lit in your soul – an immaculate conception is the result.

The rules of the game are – what is within is without, what is above so below.  As long as you are playing the game you may as well enjoy it right?  So, you will want to allow the mind of the twin flame to take the controls, make the choices, project that which is joyful, and react only to that which lifts the heart higher. 

Now, back to your childhood – you have since then, created a world that is not formed with pure joy and only that.  So, the twin flame must begin transforming that, breaking it down and reforming it as joy.  This truly is your birth right, there can be no other way to describe what your projected world should be if it is to reflect who you truly are, because you were conceived as joy.  It was not your fault you began to create a world less than joy, but you are responsible for continuing that world, and so you are responsible too for changing it.  The answer lies in your relationships, as they were formed from within yourself, from your thoughts over TIME. Not only your relationships with other people, but also the world itself, your life itself, your body, even your own mind.  You reacted to it all, and over TIME, walls built up between you and joy.

It is why this exercise is aptly named – BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS OF TIME.

As you constantly related to the world with mixed emotions, mixed emotions became the fabric of the walls of time.  They followed the pattern of your lower thinking, your ego will; but by coming into the silence, you surrender your ego.  Then by focusing the twin flame balance into the walls of time, you break the walls down, leaving them no choice but to comply with the will of your higher self, the twin flame. 

Your world becomes the crystalline form of joy which you were originally conceived as…an immaculate conception, and you now conceive a life that twins that crystalline clarity. 


This exercise comes as two parts – all in one soundtrack: 




It is the balance of masculine and feminine energies within the heart.  It is the balance of your spirit with the body. It is the higher self, as opposed to the ego self.  Outwardly it is the balance of your spirit within with the world without.  Sometimes this means the universe brings a divine lover, a soul that reflects your spirit perfectly, sometimes a living person, often a spirit guide.  But for sure, divine twin flame balance is reflected in the world as peace, creativity, joy, all the amazement that nature reveals.  

There is a reason why this activation is being held on the 22nd of each month

The number 1 has a spiritual frequency of singularity – therefore the master number 11 reveals the divine masculine and feminine as a singularity, or God if you like.   The number 2 has a spiritual frequency of duality, relationships, communication, therefore the master number 22, meaning LIGHT, reveals the divine masculine and feminine as two parts of God merged – the twin flame – divine conception. 

Your DNA is a double helix that contains 22 building blocks of your future self, 11 on each helix – 11 divine feminine eggs and 11 divine masculine seeds.   You can use the frequency of 22 to project your birth right of joy into the world.  Your DNA also contains 22 building blocks, or WALLS of your PAST self which is what you see in the moment outside of you. You can use the frequency of 22 to release that which no longer aligns with joy.  The beauty of coming into the silence is that you have two choices – you always had a choice, but when you come into the silence the choice is not rocket science, you will choose the joy of LIGHT and presence every time. This is your birth right – JOY – and when you come into the silence, even for the first time since before you were born, you WILL remember joy.

double helix dna

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Always held on the 22nd of each month, unless stated otherwise – see top of page for next date.