Retreat 3 ~ The Great Balancer of the Natural Body



This series of retreats with the masters are designed to be worked through one at a time, beginning with the first retreat.  The will become available one by one, as I complete them myself.  I am currently beginning retreat 4, which means 1, 2 and 3 are now available for you to avail of.

All the retreats will come with a guided journey in the form of a YouTube video (unlisted) For Retreat 1 click here

Welcome to this third retreat of the series, SECRETS OF LEMURIA.  In the first retreat with the masters Afra and Africa, you found your cave in the world, and that cave also corresponded to a part of your body.  In the second retreat with Mother Mary and Kuthumi, you were being taught how to come into THE UNION OF WE ARE ONE.  In this third part of the series, you will return to the retreat of Kuthumi and Mother Mary, and through the spirit of Francis of Assisi who was an incarnation of Kuthumi, and Florelli, the essence of his flame, you will begin the healing art of balancing the microscopic life of the natural body.

This third retreat also runs for 12 weeks- you can either do the work once, or every week for 12 weeks, or like I did – once every four weeks.

You will receive an email with more details and a link to the guided meditation journey on video.

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