Manna from Heaven – pituitary re-calibration



This is the fourth glandular re-calibration from the dispensation of Avalyn and Andru, twin flames of a group of 81 energies, Lemurian beings see more about Avalyn and Andru here 

MANNA FROM HEAVEN is an energetic food, the staff of life. It flows from the pineal gland through the pituitary gland and feeds the entire human body. Miraculously people have lived off this food and haven’t needed to eat at all whilst sustaining their health. It is gold and silver in frequency, the highest energy, and flows in two streams throughout the energy field. When the flow of manna is stimulated, the body and spirit receives nurturance, resulting in physical and mental well-being.

In this activation of the PITUITARY GLAND, a mastery flow of light is initiated, working to open the third eye. There is a guided meditation to follow, in which you are guided to flow with milk and honey frequencies, preceding a flow of manna from Heaven – a flow of divine white staff of life.


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