Retreat 1 – Geographical Positioning – Your cave – Afra



Welcome to BEYOND DUALITY, Initiation into The White Ones.
In this first phase of the journey, we are going consciously, into the retreat of Afra, in the etheric realm over Madagascar. Afra is patron of Africa, and the continent of Africa is named after him. He was the first member of the black race to make his ascension, but he also was one of the first human souls to inhabit Lemuria in the previous golden age. Because of his experience in birthing a new age of physicality, Afra has come to do this particular work with us, at a time when we are birthing a new golden age on Earth. This retreat experience with Afra, is designed to activate the roots of the new golden age within your soul, to grow according to your unique flame of service to universal life.
In this retreat, you will meet with Afra, your soul’s field will be scanned and harmonized, you will be downloaded with information concerning your divine flame of service to universal life, and you will be given specific notes which are codes or keys to the higher story told from within your soul’s threefold flame. In the end you will be shown exactly where in your soul’s field your work is to continue, corresponding to a specific area on the earth’s geographical surface.
Afra has said, this is not for the faint hearted….but also, El Morya has said, everyone is ready for this, the moment they return they will know. So my advice, according to my own experience, is to feel what egoic resistance you have to this, and do it anyway, because the ego will always hold you back if you give it a voice, and by now you know that, in zero point of the crystalline heart, you ARE the master you think you have forgotten how to be.
YOUR CRYSTALLINE HEART is the welcoming ceremony by El Morya, Rose of Light, and Lord Maitreya. It opens the threefold flame and reveals the rose frequency of your initiation journey. Do Your Crystalline Heart first, if you feel you need to step up into the threefold flame, the christ flame. click here to read all about it.
The RESET programme is about the new human design – it is designed to re-calibrate your energy field. You can do this before or during this retreat – I recommend before, as you would want to be re-calibrated before you begin with your geographical position on the earth/on your soul’s field. click here to see RESET
For those who wish to proceed with retreat 1 with Afra – you can begin now. This retreat can be consciously experienced through the guided journey supplied, as many times as you wish, and you can begin at any time.

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