2 Your Crystalline Heart ~ Introduction to the mastery retreats

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Firstly, let me give you some background information. 

In 2004 my spirit guide, Black Elk, who is my twin flame, asked me the question: “where is the red stone of power?”  I did not consciously know what he was asking about, but a part of me did know, and so I replied from my spirit within: “It is hidden in the 9th of the 12.”

I had no idea what the 9th of the 12 meant, but now I do.  I meant when I reached a conscious awareness of the 9th dimension of self, being the 9th of 12 dimensions of self, I would re-connect with my sacred heart, where the threefold flame of wisdom, love and power, burned from its white fire core.  This sacred heart is what Black Elk referred to as The Red Stone of Power.  The 9th dimension of self is where the duality gives way to celestial life.  This is the highest state of embodiment of an un-ascended soul. It is the higher brow chakra, opened by the merging of the twin flames, masculine light and feminine body.  The threefold flame emerges from this union, and the unique blueprint of the soul shines forth in its unique frequency.

From then forwards Black Elk taught me according to the threefold flame, teaching me true wisdom, true love, and true power.  He showed me a symbol of the divine self in duality, and in the centre of this symbol, was revealed, the crystalline frequency of my threefold flame, the rose light, the pink ruby ray of mercy, compassion, and divine love.

The Two Roads Symbol with Rose Centre

Black Elk taught that in each red stone of power, there lies a prophecy, the blueprint of the soul, that tells a story of cosmic and earthly harmony of one life, one love, one mother and one father.  In this blueprint are the unique rays upon which you sprung from the source of all souls, love itself.  Each soul is making its way home to love by becoming a flame of the rays they came in on.

Black Elk said

When the red stone of power sings, a prophecy will be releasedEach soul must know the song of its own heart, only then shall all be in harmony.”

A message from El Morya

 “To come to me is not a task you can take with half of your heart.  Your heart must be whole and dedicated to the light in every endeavour to rise as my chela.  I may ask you to fulfil yet another task, in your epic journey of tasks, but when I accept you as a student, I will not leave you. I shall send my graduates to gather you up and bring you to me. They will present themselves according to the flames they keep, and according to the rays on which you come.  When your heart and will is aligned with the one true love, the rays will pick you up and give you rest, as they carry you to me.”

Who is Rose of the Light?

Rose is an ascended master representing the heart of the Divine Feminine Mother Self.  She works with the flame of mercy, compassion and divine love, and with the dispensation also of Lord Maitreya, Cosmic Christ.  Rose of Light was a chela of El Morya.  She now works with the opening of the heart chakra and the unfoldment of the threefold flame.  Her flame is of a ruby pink ray.  She understands what it is like to have an imbalance of awareness in relationships. She calls on you to invoke her help with all matters of the heart, and to follow her example when you affirm:

“I call my twin flame to the one true and divine love, to intensify it in their heart, as I intensify it in my heart.”

She wants you to understand that all hearts hold the threefold flame of wisdom, love, and power, and that all hearts, regardless of whether the rose of their heart has blossomed and petals unfolded, can mirror the rose of your own heart. 

The twin flame is within – it is you” she says, “and when your petals unfold, so will the rose of your twin flame’s heart.  Time is irrelevant, and the journey of experience may be cloudy with limitations, thereby creating a gap of awareness between you and your twin flame, a gap that shows itself in relationships. I promise you, that when you ascend to true love you will be one flame, the flame of Love.  The journey to true love appears to be long, with never ending lessons.  Even as my chela, my student, as Beloved Black Elk is, the full unfoldment of the one flame may appear far.  I ask you then, to never forget who you are, as you affirmI am the flame of Love.”

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