10 Twin Flames Reading – 90 mins



Note: these readings are currently a 3-week wait

This particular reading is different from a love interest reading. A Twin Flames Reading is a journey into your heart chakra. Whether your twin flames are lit in union within your heart or not, I journey through past incarnations, usually into ancient times of earth experience, and sometimes other planets too, to discover how strong your union was, what experience was a catalyst for change, leading to separation consciousness for your soul, and bringing that twin flame union back to you in a way that can shift your life experience now.

Although this reading will most likely give you only one or two past life stories, it will give you a retrieval of your twin flame memory that may have been locked into darkness for a very long time. If you wish to attract a love relationship into your life that is on a level of twin flame consciousness, or simply just discover divine union within yourself, body and soul united, this reading is for you.


This service is provided distantly, meaning you do not have to connect with me.  It will be recorded in a word document which will be emailed to you.

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