note: these readings are often a 4 week wait

This particular reading is one of past lives you spent with your love interest. A love interest is a soul mate, a soul that has incarnated into your lifetime in order to reflect the divine union of masculine and feminine soul energies within your soul – you TWIN FLAME.  We all have a twin flame, and we all have a soul mate who is a love interest, but not all of us are blessed to connect with our love interest in this lifetime. There could be several reasons why a soul does not meet with a love interest in this lifetime, but the core reason has to be that they have simply not yet recognized their counterpart in another.  Recognition is key – the ability to sense a connection, and this is a connection that has always been, often incarnated into many past lives.  It is my pleasure with this type of journeying, to read those connections through past lives.  I will read from several lifetimes together, usually at least 4.

This reading is great for couples, but also for singles looking for love.  In fact, bringing a single person’s attention to their soul history with a love interest can ignite the arrival of that love interest into their lifetime now.

“I did the Love Interest session with Eliza and it was Absolutely phenomenal! I lived with so many unanswered questions and just those nagging feelings that needed confirmation, I got the answers during this session. I know who I was and who I always will be. Thank you Eliza for your beautiful soul and patience… Fidget Gal”

This service is provided distantly, meaning you do not have to connect with me.  It will be recorded in a word document which will be emailed to you.

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