note: these readings are often a 2- 4 week wait

My ability to astral travel multi-dimensionally is great – I have been doing it since I was a child and in need of solace and information from the inner worlds. I remember how I could see a person and think of them as people they were before they were born – my child-like way of explaining what I could tell.  Since 2001 I have been actively giving ‘readings’ to other people, receiving the information easily and quickly via my third eye and intuition whilst journeying through the mulit-dimensional soul.

These soul retrievals and readings are incredibly popular. There are various categories depending on your request for healing and empowerment, or general interest in your soul.  Each category is available as a basic 90-minute reading, presented in a word document and emailed to you so you can read it again and again,  or as a 180-minute reading beautifully presented in a hard file, and posted to your address.

Review from October 2022

“Thank you very much. When you say you are journeying….wow….you are phenomenal”  T

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