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Note: these readings are often a 4 week wait

CLASSIC SOUL RETRIEVAL  is performed for healing purposes.  I, the shaman, will travel into what is known in shamanism as THE UNDERWORLD.  The underworld is your subconscious, and it is within your subconscious that I will find any soul trauma that has resulted in difficulities on your soul’s journey through lifetimes.  These traumas are the underlying source of the difficulties you have in this lifetime now, and so opening those core wounds, revealing the source, and making you conscious of how to overcome such, usually leads to your life being healed.  Of course, there may be many layers of trauma underlying your life difficulties, but as each layer is exposed, self-enlightenment helps more and more.

This classic soul retrieval is done distantly, and recorded as a word document which will be emailed to you.


“WOW, to say that was powerful is an understatement! Absolutely amazing, thank you so much  so much gratitude for you and Black Elk, the work you do together is phenomenal. The details? My goodness, I can fit it all in with my life right now.,, Shauna”