Retreat 4 ~ The Fountain of Youth

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This is the fourth retreat in this series of retreats across the rainbow bridge, in union of we are one.  It comes to you with the blessing and guidance of Lady Anna, Grandmother of Lord Yeshua, and with her counterpart, Lord Maitreya, cosmic christ.

This lesson channeled from Lady Anna contains 11 guided steps to MANNA FROM HEAVEN, a crystalline carbohydrate from the pineal gland that will sustain your body in alignment with your soul.   With regular practice you can drink from the fountain of youth and reverse the signs of aging, leaving you empowered as to your reincarnation process.

The video is almost 50 minutes long this time, and it includes the 11 steps plus knowledge channeled from Lady Anna.  It also includes beautiful music and a chant to share in Anna’s grandson Yeshua’s energy.


  • This second retreat also runs for 12 weeks- you can either do the work once, or every week for 12 weeks, or like I did – once every four weeks.



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