Bring in your Higher Soul Family – 7 energy-point unification


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All across Planet Earth…and right now…and right here…right in the very centre of your brain…

something is happening.

A new world panorama is birthing through your spinal column of light.

Every one of your bodily chakras will be required to step up to the epiphany of your unified soul.

From this glorious unification you will emerge a changed being,

completely cloaked not only in the original blueprint of your soul,

but with the spirits of past miracles in the driving front.

Your most miraculous aspects of glories revisited will be the driving force.

Joy to the world!


This 7 energy-point unification of soul family leads to the manifestation of your unique soul song, self actualization, purpose fulfilled, your questions answered.


What this activation does:

This activation will greatly help you to unify the spirits within your soul that really are on point when it comes to the very best you can be.

You have seven main souls in your soul family. Those souls are the incarnated spirits of all you can be. You have incarnated with them throughout time and space in, in an incredible amount of lifetimes where you saw in them only the lessons you needed to see and experience, but also in lifetimes where you saw in them who you truly are, and you stepped up and implemented mastery of self in so many different ways – seven main ways to be exact.

And those seven main ways, seven main aspects of mastery, of all you can be, relate to your soul as:

Your roots

Your creativity

Your Power

Your Service

Your Voice

Your Awareness

Your Sovereignty

They are the soul family of seven you have been dancing with throughout eternal being, and in this activation they will each reunite with you on a level of presence that you are ready to hold physical space for.

When you do this activation be prepared for soul family to show up in your life. be prepared for new and transformed relationships both. be prepared to make the necessary changes that are obvious to you, and be prepared to say yes to your dreams that show up their first steps to realization.

You can revisit this activation at any time you wish to. The key to full and constant unification is in surrendering to your potential. The more you surrender the more you will resonate with the unification of your soul family.



This unification is designed to work no matter what stage of the spiritual path to full healing and awakening you are currently resonating with.

However, it is highly recommended that you have cleared ancestral dna first before this activation of higher soul family unification.  HEALING THE FAMILY SOUL is a 9-day ritual designed to clear all karma from your family and soul lineage. click here to read about Healing the Family Soul. 

The guided activation will be sent to you in the form of a soundtrack unlisted on YouTube, and as a MP4 via WeTransfer. Once you have the link to access the soundtrack you can do so at any time for as long as you wish.  

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