Healing the Family Soul



NEXT ROUND begins Thursday 6th June 2024

What is Healing the Family Soul?

Healing the Family Soul is a ritual healing therapy that is carried out over nine days.  It was developed by Eliza White Buffalo, having worked closely with the spirit world to bring this gift to the world through her living soul.  The work is a culmination of 16 years of training in the field of ancestral healing.

How did Healing the Family Soul come about?

Healing the Family Soul was devised by The Two Roads Spirit team over years of communicating with Eliza White Buffalo, in healing and counselling work.  Eliza spent 14 years helping others to heal their bodies and lives through the awareness of their ancestors and the karmic vibrations they carried through to the dna of the person being helped.  Often, unexplained illness or fear in the person’s life was as a result of dna inherited from an ancestor with the same or similar problem.  Eliza discovered that releasing the ancestral soul dna from the person being helped, and also assisting the ancestral soul to rise in the spirit world into the light, resulted in freedom from the illness or fear.  She also discovered that cognitive therapy was needed then to help the person being helped to not repeat the energy from memory. This was often easily done through affirmation work carried out by the person alone.

Having lived the process of ancestral healing herself, Eliza was then taught to hold space in her energy field for the soul families, ancestors, of large groups of people at once, in order to release the dna, and rise the ancestors into the light, thereby facilitating the potential healing  of the people living still within their families.  Over the years many spirits came to Eliza having encouraged their descendants to come to her in person, and Healing the Family Soul work would begin one family member at a time.  Now, many families can do this work collectively, and as one family within a large group of families.  So when at one time Eliza was helping one person and one or a few of their ancestors at one time, now she is helping many people and all their ancestors over nine days.

What does Healing the Family Soul do?

Healing the Family Soul seeks to release karmic vibrations from your soul and the soul of your family, ancestors, and soul ancestors too.  It seeks to uproot all aspects of your soul from the old time paradigm that holds negative patterns of experience. It seeks to remove these general and most difficult vibrations from the world’s families

violence, sexual abuse, poverty, abandonment, betrayal, addictions, and serious illness.  

And not only these particular vibrations but more collective patterns such as the belief in suffering and a hierarchy of authority.  

There are no rules – only to love and be loved.  

There is no right or wrong path, only creation and destruction. 

The journey you are about to embark on is a culmination of your good intent towards your family, friends and indeed all, up until now.  This work will not only set good intentions of change in your family from here on in, but it will also set the conditions in your own soul for change and healing, so that you may grow in belief, happiness and well being.

How does Healing the Family Soul work?

Healing the Family Soul works through faith and energy work.  It works in co-operation with The Two Roads Spirit Team, with two ritual intentions prayed every day for the nine days, a collective ceremony on day 4, and a meditative journey to be done on day 8. 

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