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NO PLACES LEFT FOR THE GROUP OF 18 so for now the full price of £49 is for a one person reset.

A neural pathways reset is a deeply shamanic activation which requires me to channel your entire soul’s field. This means that for a short time I will be powerfully connected to you through my own etheric field. I will not be aware of your mind, only your etheric presence close to me physically. In fact, I will be so much ‘out of my own mind’ that I will not be aware of the reset process itself.

So the universe is resetting its pathways. What I mean by that is this:
The flow of our stories follows neural pathways that create our experience. To an extent we have chosen certain destined points along the designs of our highest self which knows the greater plan, and we are playing dot to dot, joining up the points with direct pathways and indirect pathways. If we follow indirect pathways we experience lessons which can often be difficult, and we suffer. When we follow direct pathways we feel joy and we feel complete.
The universe is resetting all pathways to adjust to the design of the greater self – we are being set onto direct pathways to our destiny of joy and completion. All of this is conducive to a new golden age which will come through evolution.
Be prepared for changes – this is because coming off indirect pathways sometimes means being ‘taken off them’, hence sudden changes. Sometimes those changes are small, and sometimes big, but they are all designed to acutely reset you.
I am saying it all the time…. People are saying it to me too – it is building lots and lots of good powerful energy. Happiness is coming dear heart. Don’t panic if you are experiencing levels of suffering right now – they are lessons and I know they can be really tough. I spent 3 years with a harsh readjustment of my pathways before I found myself complete and manifesting my desires into joy. If you are experiencing levels of suffering right now, you know the drill, accept this moment as it is, feel your emotions and do not bypass them, let them be with non judgement and they will carry you onto new pathways. The suffering will ease if you seek to enjoy and not to worry. Be thankful, counting what is giving you happiness, and remember that lessons are ultimately about serving your highest good too. Rise above dear hearts – we came to Earth at this time because we knew we could do it. Rise above, flow with life as it is now, and watch how you are being reset to destiny of happiness. Let me help you with the channel. Above all, please do not worry – this is a good time for us – everything is temporary – and you came here to do this.
When you make your order I will send you an email asap. In the email I will explain more of what you can expect in this activation, and also what you can do to prepare and integrate too. When the activation is done you will receive another email with the summary of the process and suggestions as to how to continue on a positive path orientated towards your highest good.
This is a climax energy for me – and I hope you too will experience that – it is available now – the universe itself is climaxing and Mother Earth is shifting to climax within it all.
That was amazing, the most potent activation of yours yet in my experience… Saffron Satara
I strongly recommend signing up for this offering. Very, very powerful!… Jan
The most amazing reset. It felt like INtricate surgery of our matrix ….to reveal the New pathways of Light.As it was openend could almost feel the Light circuitry coming online..pulsing ALL around shining..sparkling Light elixer….Im resting today to allow deeper INtegration ….Thankyou EliZa and your wonderfull guide… Sian
I’ve had many old thoughts and memories resurface, but without a big emotional charge, the thoughts are drifting into a different perspective, with calm clarity. This morning I felt myself realign and commit to walking with my divine feminine self again, and wondered how I had drifted away from that consciousness for such a long time.. Kathy
I feel like for a long time I had lost my mojo, but I have it back now, thanks Eliza …. Angela

Your Neural Reset must be Divine’s most powerful & miraculous as of yet!!!! My being is ultimately reeling!!! Angel

Thank you so much for your offerings and the magical work you, Black Elk and the Thunder beings provided. I felt a peg release from my energy field during the reset and then something like a big rectangular buoy pop up and out, providing a gush of expansiveness. My cold and sore throat have improved since. It felt so powerful….Rachael

So incredible feeling the pulsing and movement of the neural pathways
Simply amazing!!!  Susan

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