Activate your 17th Dimensional Creatorship

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The 17th Dimension is inhabited by the creators of universal physicality. In order to bring ourselves and the world around us into a new world of harmonic frequencies we must align with the 17th dimensional soul essence within us.

What is the 17th Dimension?

The 17th Dimension is a creatorship program within the brain of the universe. We are all individual universes in our own right, and together as one we are the God Code that could be said to be light-embodiment.  Your universe might look different from everyone else’s but it basically follows these essential programs of the God Code:

1D – zero point – void

2D – awareness

3D – participation in time and space

4D – love awakening

5D – flow of light

6D – light employment

7D – out of body experience

8D – unification

9D – passion

10D – dispensation

11D – service

12D – at -one–ment

13D – division

14D – intercession

15D – surrender

16D – orchestration

17D – creatorship


This activation contains 2 soundtracks to work with:

Soundtrack 1 –  the activation itself  –

To activate your 17th dimensional creatorship it is as easy as listening to soundtrack 1 provided with this work.  If you are drawn to this activation then you are ready to activate the 17th dimensional creatorship within your soul thereby bringing all constructive desires of evolution and change into form.

Soundtrack 2 – Silent Night – a guided re-birthing  journey to help you move through the dimensions of your soul and integrate whatever changes you have inspired.

What you can expect:

You can expect to feel a little high to begin with, but be sure to focus well on your physical sensations during the second base chakra and grounding parts of soundtrack 1.

Do this activation more than once, perhaps once a day for 3 days, or once a week for 3 weeks, or even once a month for 3 months. It is your choice, you can do it once only if you prefer, but the more you do it the more you can feel you are shifted into creatorship consciousness.