SEEDING THE FUTURE – harnessing the power of manifestation



I was taught the basic shamanic process of creation by my shamanic spirit guides many years ago. I have used that process in many of our guided exercises, activations and healing modalities.  Now we get into intricate steps.

This powerful exercise for manifesting the design of your desires is Cosmic Ordering on a mastery training level. The masters don’t think about how to create according to desire, they simply know the process of creation so greatly and harness it so intimately with their magnetic fields that intentional creation happens spontaneously. This exercise deliberately slows down the process so that we can begin to align our creative abilities with that of the masters.

You will get right down with the process of creation using earth, air, fire and water.

Plant the seed of your intentions into the future and soon you will be living your dreams.

When you order this exercise you will receive an email containing more information and a link to the exercise itself which you can do as many times as you wish to.  The email will be sent asap, once I have received the order. 

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