The Two Roads Trilogy

Two Roads Trilogy

written by Eliza White Buffalo

Great Sioux Nation in 1863…

When he was nine years old Nicolas Black Elk had a great vision of profound spiritual truth. The Two Roads Trilogy is based on Black Elk’s great vision and its truth which is known to Eliza White Buffalo as The Two Roads Truth. The Two Roads Trilogy is a series of three books by psychic channel, Eliza White Buffalo, and her spirit team which includes Nicholas Black Elk, Ben Black Elk (son of Nicholas), and John G Neihardt (author of Black Elk Speaks).
The Two Roads Trilogy tells a story based on the journey of a soul named Eliza. It contains much of Eliza White Buffalo’s memories of past lives. The story is divided into three books as follows:

Book 1 – The Two Roads

Book 2 – The Four Ascents

Book 3 – The Childhood Diaries

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“Just wanted to say thank you, for writing the wonderful trilogy.
The words travelled straight to my heart and connected me with so much experience and learning and truth. An astonishing journey you take us on.
The beauty of words that come from Spirit truly is always that no matter who hears or reads them, they always relate to that one so personally, as if they were written just for you. These wonderful books certainly did this for me and I don’t doubt for anyone who picks them up and won’t be able to put them down again till the very last page. God bless you Eliza and I thank you for all your hard work and dedication and your wonderful honesty and humour in the most fragile places”  Lilian Oaktree, England