The Two Roads Light Foundation aims to establish a sacred space for all walks of life, that is all creeds and all races, where forgiveness is realised: personal, relational, and international forgiveness; and where true communion with the Divine Energy within us all is experienced and remembered.  This sacred space will be also be a physical building which will be called The Two Roads Centre.    The centre will work as a crisis centre for those in despair, and In the centre there will be gatherings with ceremonies in which all who work for the Light of Divine Truth will gather as one, and many will come to avail of the Grace of Beloved Source, to heal their bodies and lives, and to remember their divine nature in humanity.  There shall be no leaders, with everyone being equal in status within the gathering.  In this way The Two Roads Light Foundation will be a conduit for a divine awareness that will establish peace within persons, affecting peace within our communities, and ultimately within our nations.


With the love that is you…